Wake yourself up, change yourself, let yourself go.

Wake yourself up, change yourself, let yourself go.

Good morning, accompany you to read.

some people say that true self-discipline is constantly improving yourself.

it is true.

self-discipline is actually a process of defeating yourself.


wake yourself up

I don't know if you've ever experienced such a situation:

I want to lose weight, apply for a fitness card, and sign up for a private class, but I just don't have the heart to stick to it, and it's over.

want to start a business, also find a good partner, but is worried, do not take action, the result is full of enthusiasm gradually fade.

even such trivial things as shopping are often entangled for a long time, and as a result, they pick and choose without buying anything.

I have a friend who does the same.

she has been working as a full-time wife at home, wasting a lot of time that could have improved herself.

once, she told me that life is so boring now that she would like to learn something in her spare time, such as painting or taking a certificate.

after hearing this, I am very supportive of her.

but a long time later, friends still don't do what they want to do.

I can't help asking her why.

she complains that it is too hard to hold on and that she has no talent for painting.

as the saying goes, "I traveled thousands of miles in my dream last night and woke up in bed."

things in the world are always trapped in thinking, but broken in action.

on the way of life, don't just dream in your dreams. You must wake up your sleeping self.

if you want to lose weight, paint, learn a foreign language and take the postgraduate entrance examination, then take action.

only by allowing yourself to act first and keep moving, can beauty come unexpectedly.


change yourself

there is such a joke:

the monkey wants to be human. It knows that it wants to become human and wants to cut off its tail, so it decides to cut off its tail.

but before doing it, the monkey is trapped by three things:

does it hurt when cutting off his tail?

will the body still be flexible after being cut?

I can't bear to follow my tail for so long.

as a result, monkeys have not become human to this day.

Confucius said, "the gentleman asks for himself, and the villain asks for others."

in this world, no one can change you unless that person is you.

change, it may be painful for a while; if you don't change, it may be painful for a lifetime.

one day, the little flower girl gave the beggar a rose.

when the beggar came home, he planted the roses in a glass bottle.

but when he saw that the glass bottle was dirty, he began to think, "how can such a beautiful rose be placed in such a dirty glass bottle?"

so the beggar wiped the glass bottle clean.

after scrubbing, he looked around. The room was dirty and messy. He began to think, "how can beautiful roses and clean glass bottles be in such a messy room?"

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so the beggar cleaned up the room and took a bath for the first time.

after taking a bath, looking at himself in the mirror, the beggar thought, "how can such a young and handsome person be a beggar?"

so the beggar went out the next day and found a job.

slowly, beggars became better and better in their careers, and finally made extraordinary achievements.

the growth of life begins with self-awakening; the progress of life lies in self-change.

if you change yourself, you will go uphill.

change may be a long and painful process, but without going through it, you never know how good you can be.


Let yourself go

in the Swordsman, Bai Zhantang said this sentence to Tong Xiangyu: "Xiangyu, life is like this. Do you have to choose the same as bitter or tired?" You can't take all the good things by yourself. "

the older we get, the more we understand that not everything in this world can be what we want it to be.

I remember a short story I once read:

in ancient times there was a salt merchant, but the rich man frowned every day.

one day, when he went to the temple for advice, the master asked, "do you have a lot on your mind?"

Salt merchants complain: "Yes, when business is bad, we worry about business every day, and there are a lot of worries, such as the drop in salt prices, such as the warehouse is soaked in water."... "

after hearing this, the master took the businessman outside the meditation room and lit a fire.

Master asked: "look at this fire, it is burning vigorously, is there any smoke?"

the businessman said, "there must be smoke, but it's not obvious."

the master brought wet wood again, pressed it on the fire, and smoke rose everywhere.

the Master asked again, "Giver, now the smoke is billowing, is there a fire?"

the businessman replied, "of course there is a fire, but it is very small."

Master smiled and said to the businessman, "Happiness is fire, annoyance is smoke."

No matter how hot the fire is, there will be smoke; no matter how dense the smoke is, there will be fire.

whose life is not burning and smoking at the same time! "

nine times out of ten there are unpleasant things in life.

it's like spilling half a cup of tea.

if you can't get over it, you will be sad to lose half a cup of tea; if you can let it go, you will be happy that there is still half a cup of tea.

there are troubles every day, but if you don't pick them, you won't have them.

Learning to let yourself go is a compulsory course for everyone.

as Cai Kangyong said, "be nice to yourself, that's the person who will spend the longest time with you."

only by putting down what should be put down and forgetting what should be forgotten will the day be spent.Be happy and at home.

I have heard an intriguing saying: "except for catastrophes and sudden Universiade, 90% of the roads of life are actually decided by themselves."

in life, you may encounter a lot of helplessness and frustration.

the only one who can help you is the one who works hard.