What exactly is the purpose of taking a wife? That's the best answer I've ever heard.

What exactly is the purpose of taking a wife? That's the best answer I've ever heard.

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before marriage, a woman's fantasy marriage is to wake up from a good morning kiss.

after marriage, the real marriage becomes, waking up to a man's snoring.

before marriage, women fantasize about the days of romance and countless romances;

after marriage, the reality gives women endless sorrow.

how many women, after getting married, live to be strong girls outside, cut through difficulties, do anything, and can do anything.

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how many women live as nannies at home after marriage, washing and cooking, housework constantly, tired and sad.

who doesn't want to, there are men to take care of, men to love, who don't want to, men care about men to share!

Women who can be married are full of grievances in their hearts, which stems from the "inaction" of men!

how many men regard their wives as Supermen?

clothes are dirty, find a wife; have nothing to eat, find a wife; old people need, find a wife; children study, find a wife!

what is the purpose of taking a wife?

how long can the phrase "three thousand weak water, only one ladle drink" last?


A wife's temper is raised by a man's "hands"

your wife is as gentle as you are;

your wife is as considerate as you are;

your wife is as sensible as you are!

in fact, a good wife is raised.

if a man were more considerate of others in marriage, his wife would not complain so much.

aren't women tired when they come home from work? Why do women need to do all the housework?

if your wife, like you, works outside and has her own job and career. Men should take the initiative to share with women, do not let her carry everything alone!

diligent hands are the key to a happy marriage! Giving more to each other is the premise of family harmony!

in a good marriage, no one is lazy, including men and women!


wife's smile is the man's "thoughtfulness" in exchange for

the man "raises" the woman, the woman "raises" the family!

if men are more considerate and respectful to women, their wives will pay more and be more tolerant to their families.

there are some things, do not wait for women to want, men should learn to take the initiative to give!

for example, if you go out to dinner and come back late, send a woman a Wechat to say you are safe, so she won't bother.

for example, female friends, there are some boundaries, regulate their own words and deeds, do not do things beyond, a little more respect for the wife at home, will get a woman's peace of mind!

for example, women say important things that they are afraid to forget. In the memo, keep your word, keep your promise, and do not cheat. Only in this way can women have a sense of happiness!

in a cold world and a difficult road, two people need to hug each other to keep warm before they can walk for a long time.

the most chilling marriage is that women keep asking for it and men don't want to give it.

when time is long and women are tired and don't want it, the marriage will be completely cold.


to marry a wife is to take a wife according to a lifetime

, not for a moment of freshness, not on impulse, but for a lifetime.

wife's who?

your wife is the one who loves you and loves you, the one who is willing to wash your hands and make soup for you, the one who shares adversity with you and accompanies you day and night, and your wife is your lifelong companion!

in this world, who can't treat his wife badly, she is wholeheartedly toward you;

in this society, you have to count on her when you get old.

you are kind to your wife, she returns ten points to you, and women are so honest;

you take one step to your wife, she takes ten steps, and women are so affectionate!

A wife is a wife when she is young, but an old woman when she is old.

wife is the one who witness your growth, accompany you and grow old with you. If you are not good to her, you are not good to yourself.

A smart man loves his wife, loves his wife, helps his wife, and does not treat his wife as a babysitter.

such a man is the wisest, and his wife will give him more and more!

for the rest of my life, I hope men know how to cherish their wives and hope that women can meet people who love them enough!