What is husband and wife? What is home? What is happiness?

What is husband and wife? What is home? What is happiness?

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there is a popular saying on the Internet:

Childhood happiness is very simple, but the bell ringing after class and the occasional busy time.

but when you grow up, happiness becomes a luxury.

the responsibilities on our shoulders are as heavy as mountains, bending our backs, and without a few taels of broken silver, life will be even more difficult.

but there is never a standard answer to what happiness is.

Goethe said: "the happiness of people all lies in the happiness of the heart."

look at the things around you from a different perspective.

the world is therefore very different.


husband and wife: both dislike and never give up

I saw a self-report from a netizen on Zhihu, saying that he was very drunk one day socializing with his leader.

when I got home, my memory was very blurred. I only remember that he was scolded by his wife while throwing up.

but when he woke up the next day, he didn't have any filth on him, and his folded shirt and trousers were left by the bed.

his wife was in the kitchen. When she heard him get up, she immediately gave him a look in the eye.

while serving porridge to him, he continued to scold: "next time I drink so much, I will lock you out and absolutely ignore you."

he hurriedly apologized with a smiling face, but his heart felt warm.

then he was forced to stay in bed for a whole day by his wife.

he couldn't sleep at three o'clock in the morning, so he got out of bed.

watching the wife beside her sleep badly, drooling at the corners of her mouth, she is very different from her usual elegant image, but she is very secure in her heart.

as the saying goes, "knowing the cold and knowing the heat is husband and wife."

Life doesn't have as many romantic plots as idol dramas, but mediocrity is true.

the so-called husband and wife scold you in the mouth and love you in the heart.

when you are helpless and embarrassed, she may still nag, but she never gives up on you.

Last winter, I attended a special funeral when an uncle died of a sudden heart attack.

in the eyes of others, he and his wife were not in love, quarreled from time to time, and even said some nasty things in their anger.

when the hearse drove away, the wife burst into tears and ran after it desperately.

she cried and scolded her husband for being an asshole. why did she leave like this?

finally, she cried so much that she collapsed on the ground, and everyone around her burst into tears.

husband and wife are like the left hand and the right hand. After a long time, they won't feel any more, but they won't know how painful it is until they cut it.

writer Li Xiaoyi wrote in "the woman with the scent of Soul"

in the days of firewood, rice and oil, the love at first sight is hard to find, and it seems that there is only picky between them.

there is less strong love, but there are more unforgettable kindness, friendship sharing joys and sorrows and family relationship between husband and wife.

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Home: fetters on one side and motivation on the other

I read a story in which a soldier was sent to be stationed at a remote border.

his wife and daughter went with him, carrying only a few simple pieces of luggage.

while they were waiting for the plane at the airport, their daughter was sleepy, so she leaned on her luggage and took a nap.

then came a woman who sighed, "what a poor child. She doesn't even have a home."

the little girl looked at the woman in surprise and said, "of course we have a home, but we haven't installed the house yet."

Bai Juyi put it well: "regardless of the promontory and Tianya, peace of mind is probably home."

A family does not have to be magnificent, as long as the family is accompanied by each other, it is a home everywhere.

thinking of not long ago, I saw a video on Douyin.

A young couple went home for the Spring Festival, the mountains were blocked by heavy snow, and the roads were almost blocked.

seeing that it was getting darker and darker, the wife began to cry and blame her husband for not coming back. Instead, she should send her parents to Beijing for the Spring Festival.

but just when they were desperate, two figures appeared in front of them.

they are the parents of men. In order to get their children home smoothly, they shoveled three kilometers of snow in a snowy day of more than 30 degrees below zero, blazing a way.

at the moment of reunion, all grievances and uneasiness disappeared.

during the Spring Festival, those migrant workers who are far away from a foreign land have to go home despite thousands of miles and hardships.

worked hard for a whole year, just for the day of reunion.

because they not only go home, but also care about their parents and shoulder their responsibilities.

when I was young, I always wanted to pack my bags and walk in all directions, but when I grew up, I realized that the most beautiful road in the world was the way home.

Home is the warmest haven. When you are tired, you will think of it. When you are lonely, you will no longer feel afraid of it.

there, you don't have to pretend and let go of your heart. Even if the whole world wants you to be strong, it can heal your wounds.

it doesn't sit on the sidelines just because you don't have success. All it wants is your safety and health.

Home is not only the sweetest burden, but also the most affectionate fetter. No matter how bitter and tired it is, as long as you think of the concerns of parents, the expectations of lovers and the smiling faces of children, you will have the courage and motivation to move on.


Happiness: contentment on the one hand and cherishing

Thoreau said, "everyone is the craftsman of his own happiness."

No one can make you miserable all the time but yourself.

after reading a heart-wrenching message, a netizen said she was 20.After 20 years of bad luck, her grandmother, who had just got married, died, and her grandfather, who loved her most, left her forever.

then she was found to be infertile and had to quit her job because of medical treatment.

but she still believes that everything will be all right in the new year.

think of that tearful saying:

living is the greatest luck, suffering will eventually pass, even if you do not know where the way is, but there is hope to go on.

We always think that we have to have a lot in order to be happy, with a car, a house, a style and money, but in fact, there is no disaster, no disease, no pain, is the greatest happiness.

not long ago, a piece of news went viral.

A 79-year-old father wrote a health calendar for his 55-year-old daughter.

her father still called her childhood name "Maomao", reminding her to go to bed early and get up early, eat healthily, and remember to tuck in the quilt so as not to lose her temper easily.

my father also wrote in the calendar: "you will always be the daughter of your parents. The only thing I ask of you is health."

even though the daughter is gray-haired, she is still the darling of her father's eyes.

for ordinary us, happiness does not necessarily mean achieving great achievements or having countless material things.

Happiness is just a call for parents to be answered, to have a mouthful of hot food and soup when they go home, to greet them when they are lost, and to keep company when they are lonely.

the secret of happiness is contentment. Cherish what you have right now, and happiness will always be around.


do you remember the story of "the puppy looking for happiness"?

his mother told him that happiness was on his tail, so he ran after his tail desperately.

but no matter how hard it tries, it can't catch its tail.

until his mother said to him, "just go ahead, and happiness will be behind you."

aren't we just like the puppies in the story, chasing happiness all day long, but the most precious thing is always behind us.

No matter how late it is, there is a lamp on for you; no matter how difficult the day is, some people take you to heart, which is better than millions of people in the world.

May you have company and light in your heart, waiting and waiting for you for the rest of your life.