What is the most expensive thing in life? (after watching the epiphany)

What is the most expensive thing in life? (after watching the epiphany)

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time is the most expensive wealth in life

A hundred years of life will never return.

No matter how much we pray or pray, we can't make time happen again.

time is life, wasting one's own time is a waste of life, wasting other people's time is killing people for money.

learn to use your time and plan your time. In a sense, you have learned to plan your life.

in the limited time, to do what you want to do, seize every minute, in order to live up to your limited life.


Health is the most expensive capital in life

Health is the foundation of everything, wealth, fame and wealth are just embellishments.

without health, no amount of wealth can be enjoyed, and no matter how great fame is nothing.

the greatest stupidity of modern people is to exchange health for money, and then use money to buy health.

stop working overtime, stop staying up late and decadent, and learn to cherish your body and maintain your health.

money cannot buy life, and benefits cannot be exchanged for health.

there is no need to pursue those things outside the body. Good health, disease-free and disaster-free, and a lifetime of peace is a person's greatest blessing.


Peace is the most expensive accomplishment in life

Schopenhauer said:

before his death, Master Hongyi said: Huazhi spring is full, the sky is full of moon.

the highest state of life is to get rid of pain and boredom, peace of mind and no waves.

try to live simply and reduce your desires, so that the external gains and losses will not affect the peace of mind.

learn to look at your life from the perspective of a bystander, so that you don't indulge in it.

learn to control your emotions and constantly enlarge your mind.

the best scenery in life is not glory or fame, but inner calmness and calmness.

keeping calm and leisurely is a person's highest self-cultivation.

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companionship is the most expensive commitment in life

companionship is the gift of time, the entrustment of life, and the most expensive commitment in the world.

willing to spend time with someone is the most affectionate confession.

Ji Xianlin studied abroad for many years and failed to see his mother for the last time when he returned to his hometown.

Mother left two words on her deathbed:

"if I had known you had gone out, I would never have come back. I really regret letting you go out."

"I've been thinking about you day and night these years, and you can't imagine the pain."

Ji Xianlin cried bitterly on the coffin, heartbroken.

he said:

"I regret it. I really regret it. I should never have left my mother.

No matter what fame, status, happiness or honor in the world, it is not as good as being around a mother. "

companionship is very warm, it means that there are people in this world who are willing to give you the best things.

whether we love or not in the next life, we will never see each other again.

hug your partner more after work, spend more time with your children on weekends, and visit your parents when you get home.

it is because of these companions that life will not be cold or lonely.


A friend is the most expensive wealth in life

No matter how many contacts and acquaintances, it is not as good as a friend who knows you and knows you.

Boyazi period, high mountains and flowing rivers.

either match each other, or ask for it at the same time, no matter which kind, there is a cure for the loneliness of life.

Su Shi and Wang Gong have known each other all their lives.

in the most difficult time, the two talk about poetry and painting together and heal each other.

regardless of the mountains and seas, get together and part from each other, the friendship between the two will last a lifetime.

born alone, it is the greatest joy in one's life to have someone who knows you.

how many ups and downs in life, friends walk together.

having one or two bosom friends is the greatest wealth in one's life.


contentment is the most expensive possession in life

the moral Sutra says, "he who is contented is rich".

he who knows contentment is rich.

desire is infinite, energy is limited, and people who do not know how to be satisfied are slaves to desire all their lives.

Life is nothing more than peace of mind and happiness. If you are busy every day, constantly looking for happiness, you end up feeling tired. What's the point of that?

whether an individual is happy or not depends not on how much he has, but on whether he is satisfied or not.

Don't put too much pressure on yourself. if you let it go, you have to let it go, so that you can have peace and happiness in life.

in life, there is no unhappiness, only discontent. Food and clothing without worry is a blessing, no disease and no disaster is a blessing.

the most expensive thing in life is not money and status, but health, time, companionship, mentality, friends.

with these, you are the real winner in life!