What is the taste of youth?

What is the taste of youth?

Maybe it's the same as regret.

someone on Wechat asked me: "what's the taste of youth?"

I thought about the empty playground for a long time, and then replied, "I don't know about the five flavors."

Today, I had the honor to return to my former high school to give a small speech to my senior high school brothers and sisters. The content of the speech is what I showed in the PPT yesterday, full of chicken soup. I hope they will accept my kindness.

but to tell you the truth, I went there not for them, but for myself.

after graduating from the third year of high school, I haven't gone back to my alma mater once. It's not that I don't miss it, but I just don't have a chance. In fact, I am afraid that I am not qualified to go back, I am afraid that the teacher will forget me, I am afraid to see those classrooms sitting into faces I have never seen before, and I am also afraid that those classmates will see me as if they were looking at an alien.

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I went back today. I didn't stay long, but I visited both of my head teachers in high school. They were all shocked that one of my math class representatives should have studied Chinese language and literature. In fact, I was also shocked, so before tonight's speech, I told those younger brothers and sisters:

"remember that in the college entrance examination, if you can get one more point, you will get one more point, otherwise, like me, a math class representative will be transferred to Chinese language and literature."

the audience roared with laughter, and I noticed that a younger brother's desk was the same as mine.

I used to be the same. There were tall exercises and textbooks on the stage, but it was more because I had to use them to cover my shabby keyboard phone. I still remember that at that time, I often read the articles on Douban in Chinese class. When the teacher came, he was really calm, silently plugged the phone into the book, and then erected the textbook of the subject to block the glowing phone.

I came back to continue my speech. When I told them that "the college entrance examination is to meet people like you", the whole class applauded. In fact, the reason why I use this sentence is because it also inspired me two years ago. At that time, I was arrogant and often thought of quitting school, but fortunately, it was no less tempting to me than RMB.

in the end, I ended this 7-minute conversation with "the world is so big, why are you discouraged?", and the moment I finished it was a sigh of relief, because I finally realized one of my dreams. I used to think I could beat chicken blood like nine knives, and I believe I did it tonight.

this photo was taken in the aisle of the teaching building after I finished talking. I still remember that when I was studying, the three tall buildings opposite were still flat. Unexpectedly, the photo without high-rise buildings three years ago became silent. No matter how you recall, those three buildings will rudely remind you that they are the past. At that moment, I felt very regretful. Why didn't I take a few more pictures, say a few more words and take a few more eyes when I graduated? Perhaps this is the so-called taste of youth, bitter but will return sweet.

I think my high school should be the same as them, full of pride and arrogance, relying on being young and ignorant, shouting that I am so tired with my parents. Maybe I can give them chicken blood, but in a few days they will become that decadent person again, so I don't want to cheer on anyone, because time will naturally push you forward.

it's a little hasty and messy. Good night.