What kind of experience is it to participate in "Ta Shi | study Tour in Dongguan"?

What kind of experience is it to participate in "Ta Shi | study Tour in Dongguan"?

When 13 like-minded and interesting people get together.

the night before last, a fan asked me backstage why I didn't push it. I really didn't have time to reply to him, because at that time, I was listening to my boss, Mr. Mei Jian, share his experience with us in Qingfeng drunken Moon, the first bar in Xiabafang, Dongguan.

and after the event was officially over, I was busy editing the TEDxXichenglou push. So it wasn't until this morning that I had time to sit in front of the computer and think about what "stepping on solid | study in Dongguan" gave me.

originally I was afraid that this would be a boring activity, because the essence of this activity is actually "people". No matter the guests who share or the students who sign up, as long as one of them is boring, the whole activity will lose its vitality and become a simple walking activity. But at 4: 00 p. M. yesterday, when the whole "Ta Shi | Dongguan study trip" was about to end, all the people who participated in the activity (including the staff) sincerely thought that it was an extremely meaningful activity.

as an interim host, I said in my final sharing:

"it's 16:08 on May 31, 2015, and my mobile phone reminds me that I have two new emails and 'out of memory on my phone'. Maybe from the next minute, we will just spread out and go back to our lives. Maybe in the future, we can no longer gather together in such a state of mind. Maybe we will see each other sporadically in the future, but it is basically impossible to get 13 people together again. So let's sit here and take a minute to remember the feeling we can no longer have and wait for 09 to come. "

I would like to give you a brief account of our itinerary first. If you are interested, you can go for a walk by yourself.

on Friday night, we went to the dandelion studio to listen to Mr. Li Ming, a reporter from the Southern Metropolis Daily, share "Dongguan in his eyes" with us.

on Saturday morning, we took part in the Dongguan "Heritage Trail". Taking the West City Tower of Dongguan as the demarcation point, we set out to "inside the city" and "outside the city" respectively. Members of the heritage trail team took us into the old city to understand the history behind the building.

on Saturday afternoon, we first went to Ke Garden for a visit, and then listened to Tian Lao Qi share interesting stories about the old city of Dongguan on Gongnong 8.

on Saturday night, we went to Qinghua drunken Moon, the first Qingba bar in Xiaba Square.

We spend Sunday mornings and afternoons on Space 21 gallery.

"DAY 1 | Dandelion sharing meeting"

in fact, "Tan Shi | Dongguan study Tour" is an activity organized by X bacteria, the creative team of TEDxXichenglou, and I am one of the staff. I am responsible for the editing of TEDxXichenglou Subscription account and all kinds of chores during the activities.

on Friday night, our guest, Mr. Li Ming, a reporter from Southern Metropolis Daily, arrived at our event at 8: 00. I have already posted the sharing content on Subscription account of TEDxXichenglou. If you are interested, you can follow our Subscription account, and then send "DAY1". From the perspective of a reporter, Mr. Liming tore apart the labels of "manufacturing" and "sex capital" one by one, telling us the reason and history behind it.

but there are some sharing items that I didn't write in Subscription account of TEDxXichenglou, so I wrote it down here.

when Mao Mao asked Mr. Liming how we X bacteria should do activities like "down-to-earth", he replied us like this:

"you can either make the activity very interesting, play to the end, and have fun, or raise your own pressure so that others will not understand it, but they will want to see it. It's like inviting some celebrities to share. Do you think all the people who come will listen carefully? They just want to take pictures and post them on moments. Like your event tonight, it is not bad to have 10 people, because in the eyes of many people, it is neither interesting nor high enough, but you are doing a very good thing, just like the 'cultural weekend' in Dongguan. Our city needs something like this. And the advantage of fewer people and fewer people, what I tell you can be more true. "

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"Why are some brands selling so expensive while their cost prices are so low?" Because they are conveying the idea that if they own their products, they can become people like them. "

I've been thinking about what to do in a mess. It wasn't until that night that I listened to Mr. Liming's sharing that I realized that chaos should be a brand, and of course it might not launch any products. But I want to convey an attitude towards life, an interesting and personalized attitude towards life through it. In fact, I know that no matter how I explain this attitude, it doesn't make any sense, because it's just a label I put forward. I want to influence more people through more original articles and let them understand their "disorganized" attitude. and get something out of it.

some fans once told me that clutter has changed their view of life.

I used to feel guilty because I wasn't confident enough, but now I don't feel that way anymore, because I can shamelessly say, "I think what I'm doing is real."

"DAY 2"





" Taking the Xicheng Tower as the dividing line, we divided the entire heritage trail into "the city" and "outside the city", and then the students were divided into two groups and visited according to the route.

before the tour, Mr. Yuan Yifeng pointed to the Xicheng Tower and said to us

"nowadays, people generally use canals to divide the 'inside' and 'outside' of Dongguan City, because the West Tower now has only a gate left, and without the city wall, it is just a scenic spot and doesn't make any sense. This is the most obvious difference between a point and a line. "

when we went to Daxi Road, the teacher told us that there was a "face-saving project" here in the 1990s. In order to make the Great West Road look better, the government at that time painted the outer wall of the arcade there. However, because of this so-called face-saving project, the exterior wall of the arcade could not vaporize Rain Water who had infiltrated in time after the rain, but accelerated the aging of the arcade. The practice of "decorating and rectifying the water" like this can be found everywhere in China, and we always like to impose our own aesthetics on ancient buildings, which is not protection, but destruction.

in fact, what I remember most about this guided tour is that we can judge the material conditions and concept of life of that era only by observing the appearance of the building.

A seemingly ordinary arcade, in fact, the height of the whole building and the height of the corridor are specified. And we can see when it was renovated by the decoration of the outer wall, such as ceramic tiles are obviously the product of the 1990s, while those white "blocks" used to renovate Daxi Road appeared only after the Cultural Revolution. they are the lowest-cost building materials.

when I was a freshman in Dongguan, I had never been to the old urban areas of Zhenhua Road, nor had I been to Zhiliang Niuza to eat the most delicious beef in Dongguan. I used to think that dating is about merging one city, or the shopping mall of Xinghe City and Wanda. On the other hand, I either eat or watch movies and go shopping on weekends, and walking is only the cheapest way of transportation for me.

but after this study tour, I found that the connotation of a city will not be shown in those shopping mall. If we want to understand a city, we must carefully observe its streets and alleys. Perhaps we do not have professional knowledge to understand its structure and history. But we can first go to participate in activities similar to the "Dongguan City Heritage Trail", after mastering some basic knowledge before going to "walk".

I think my weekend will be different from now on. I will no longer be satisfied with the boring "eating, drinking and merrymaking" in the past. Instead of following the trend to watch popcorn movies, it is better to go into the old city alone or ask three or five friends to go into the old city and eat the most "smiling" wonton noodles, or "fruit stay fragrant" as everyone knows.

there are not only Mian Ji and Xinghe City in Dongguan.