What kind of man can accompany you to your old age? That's the best answer I've ever seen!

What kind of man can accompany you to your old age? That's the best answer I've ever seen!

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

what kind of man can accompany you to your old age?

some people say they are positive men who can make money, others say they are willing to wash their hands and make vegetable soup themselves, and others say they are willing to spend time with their wives and children.

in fact, the man who can really accompany you to the old age can't be wrong with these three "qualities".


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A man who does not blame when something happens

in real life, there are many couples who obviously care about each other, but they only blame each other when they make a mistake, and the kindness in their heart becomes malicious when it comes to the lips, stabbing their lover hard.

A friend told a story about her parents, which made people feel deeply.

Last year, her mother invested the money she had saved for years in a financial institution. As a result, in less than half a year, the company ran away and couldn't get the money back at all.

after hearing the news, my mother didn't eat much for a few days. She did a bad thing with a good heart, and it was hard for anyone to leave it.

on the contrary, her father was very calm and accompanied his mother to the police station, thinking about making delicious food for her mother to eat more every day, and specially told her friends not to mention this matter in the future, for fear that her mother would be sad.

according to what Dad comforted Mom and Dad, it is:

in marriage, men and women will inevitably have conflicts because of trivial frictions.

but if something has happened, no amount of blame will help. When your lover is already remorseful and annoyed, your complaint will only make him feel worse and add fuel to the fire.

in fact, what the other half needs more than baseless accusation is comfort and hug, telling her: it doesn't matter, there is me.

most couples don't have to go through any big winds and waves, they are more likely to make small quarrels.

some couples turn it into needle-to-wheat in mutual accusation, while others turn it into tenderness in mutual tolerance.

this is why some people break up after quarrelling, while others argue that their feelings are deeper.


the man who gives money to you voluntarily

how important money is in marriage, needless to say!

when a man is willing to give you all his belongings, he really gives his heart to you.

this is more impressive to women than any gift of flowers. Because behind the money, contains all the love and trust of men to women.

my best friend was proposed last week, and the scene of the proposal was particularly touching.

when her husband proposed, he solemnly took out a file bag and took out his driving license, wage card, bonus card and real estate certificate in turn.

A moment later, I choked up and said, this is me, all I have, all I have, belongs to you.

it is such a brief picture of a marriage proposal that moves people to death.

her best friend smiled and said it was a "straight male proposal".

as a woman, I can really understand her best friend's surprise. Her surprise is not because her husband has a lot of money, but because of her husband's trust and sincerity.

because I love you, what I have is yours. I will give you all. If I love you, I will give you sense of security.

such a man deserves to be entrusted and cherished by a woman for a lifetime!


Men who have their own sense of boundaries

understand the sense of boundaries, which is an important knowledge in marriage.

I saw a message on the Internet not long ago: a woman in Hangzhou braved the rain to deliver dinner to her husband on the night shift, only to see him holding an umbrella for her female colleague.

but instead of confronting her husband or losing her temper, she went home and picked up a fruit knife and went to the river to commit suicide.

fortunately, someone found that the police called the police in time, and the police came to rescue her. No, then it was really unimaginable.

the husband explained that their husband and wife usually had a good relationship and seldom quarreled, but the wife was so suspicious that she could not see any women close to them.

when the incident broke out, there was an uproar in public opinion.

whether it is a woman making a mountain out of a molehill or her husband being too unbounded has triggered a discussion among netizens.

it is wrong for a woman to lack trust in her husband, but her husband's behavior is also a little careless.

your wife brought you meals in the evening with great enthusiasm. She originally intended to play a plot of marital love, but as a result, you became someone else's escort, breaking the taboo of married people.

Sanmao once said that no matter how close a friend is, one must be careful.

and this sense of division is the "sense of boundary" in interpersonal communication, and considering the feelings of the other half is the basis of marital stability.

I can trust you unconditionally, but please also show me the attitude.

if you don't have a sense of boundaries with the opposite sex, you can't give your lover an absolute sense of security.

in love, we are all addicted to cleanliness and have no room for a grain of sand.


some people say that every couple in the world is a friend of life and death, and every marriage is the entrustment of life to life at the end.

you know, no one and who is born right, and then vigorous feelings, in the face of bits and pieces of married life, the passion will soon fade, leaving only a melon seed peel.

it's just a long way of marriage, which requires mutual understanding and tolerance, three meals a day, trivial, noisy, but never give up for a lifetime.

May every woman find a man worth trusting for life, and hope that every man will cherish the woman who has been with you all the time.