When a person does not contact you or block you, there is only one reason.

When a person does not contact you or block you, there is only one reason.

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Zhihu saw a question: a person does not delete or block you, but there is no contact, is there any hope?

the person who asks the question is full of expectation, but the person who answers it touches his heart:

those who do not block you, but never take the initiative to contact you, there must be something more important around them.

this is probably what happens in the world.

it's polite not to delete, and it just doesn't feel necessary not to contact.


the alienation between people begins with nothing to say.

once chatted all night and loved each other.

I don't know when to start. I don't want to say what I didn't say, and people who are "visible for three days" don't bother to see it.

if you don't contact me, I won't contact you. Slowly, we will fade.

some time ago, when I went home on May Day, there was no necessary arrangement. Basically, I stayed at home.

seeing that I had nothing to do at home, my mother said to me: I saw Cheng Cheng coming back two days ago, and I told him that you were at home these days. You two had such a good time when you were young, why didn't you get in touch with each other and go out for a get-together?

hearing this, my heart suddenly felt helpless and bitter.

Yes, when did the friend who wanted to break up half of eating and agreed to "share blessings and troubles" began to cut off contact and finally drifted away?

probably, it is that our lives do not overlap, our interests and hobbies are very different after work, and gradually we do not have a common language.

maybe we each have new friends later. Joys and sorrows also have new partners to share and talk to.

it is possible that everyone becomes very busy after starting a family, each has his own family to take care of, and does not see each other twice a year.

so, on a normal night, after saying good night to each other, it seemed like a tacit understanding formed over the years, and then there was no more contact. Occasionally through the moments that the other person is in a bad mood, open Wechat to comfort him, only to find that the chat stopped a year ago, the sentence "how are you", typed and deleted in the chat box.

Adult relationships are sometimes really fragile, even if they have gone through a difficult road together, and then they become silent and estranged when they have less contact.

when I say goodbye, there are only polite pleasantries in addition to sarcastic smiles.

No deletion, no blocking, no interrupting, is the last decency of this relationship.


for those who don't care about you, that's it.

the lyrics say:

in this world, everyone's energy is limited, and so is the heart.

behind those silent relationships, there are actually signs that they are no longer moving, without exception.

in the variety show "Friends Please listen", a girl named Ye sent for help:

she and her boyfriend have been in love for 10 years, and the relationship has been very good, and the two sides have reached the point of talking about marriage.

but just a few days ago, her boyfriend suddenly said to her calmly:

her boyfriend confessed without any sign, which made the girl's mind go blank.

everyone is silent after hearing this. The truth already exists, but they just don't know how to speak.

or he Xun kindly reminded her: "it is possible that after tasting other passions, he feels that he is only plain with you."

if this is the case, I suggest you not to go through it hard, because not every relationship can last for 10 years. If you are wrong, you can't continue the previous mistake to avoid the next one. "

Yes, how many ten years can there be in a person's life?

I am joyfully sketching our future, but you are planning to leave.

I used to like the saying: the sun is right, the breeze is not dry, meet the people you want to see, do what you want to do.

now I just feel that life is full of helplessness and regret.

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many blacklists have said good night to each other; they paid more or less special attention, and later became strangers. Those names that do not disturb and do not contact are full of countless nights that are hard to fall asleep and unspeakable.

think about it, whose life is not red, but also green.

as Zheng Zhan wrote in "eating alive", "breaking up partners is the norm of life, and we are no exception."

when two people who once loved each other lie quietly on each other's list, it shows that the relationship has long been indifferent.

therefore, if you don't get a response to love, stop your loss in time; if you change your heart, let it go as soon as possible.

the most important thing is to try to live a good life right now. it is enough for some people to meet, and forget it for the rest of their lives.


Don't overestimate your relationship with anyone

there is a saying widely spread in the Chronicles of the Pipa: "I turned my heart to the moon, but the moon shines on the ditch."

means that one person really treats another person, but the other person is indifferent and ungrateful.

many times, we can't help but attach great importance to our relationship with others.

"I have a close relationship with him, and he will help me with this little favor."

"We have talked for so many years, and he will not leave me."

"he is so kind to me that he will certainly tolerate all my shortcomings."


but it is not until your true heart is disappointed, true love is used, and your sincerity is deceived that you have an epiphany:

nothing is immutable, people are fickle, and never overestimate your relationship with anyone.

We thought our close friends would reach for a hand, but they mercilessly refused.

We thought that a strong lover would wait for you all the time, and the other person left when they had a new goal.

We think that lovers who are close to each other will always be tolerant, and they are tired when they are halfway away.

there is a good word: deep love does not last long, wisdom is bound to hurt.

what people fear most is overestimating their position in the hearts of others.

in this world, you may know a lot of people, but there are very few people who really care about you.

I remember that Sha Yi once said in a program:

"one night I checked my cell phone and found that no one left me a message except for my son.

I used to think that I was important, but in fact, everyone is not that important in the minds of others. "

there are too many stories with no ending. We can't ask every encounter to have an ending. Cherish it when you meet it, and let it go if you miss it. Most of the time, what makes us lose is not the result itself, but too much self-expectation.

Friendship or love.

"I'll pick you up no matter how hard the wind and rain are when you come. If you go, I won't send you off. If you love me, I'll stay with you to the end. If not, I'll pretend you've never been here."


this is a world that likes to say goodbye, but none of us are good at it. Many times I turn around while walking and find that some people in my life have disappeared.

Don't be angry with those who leave or hurt you.

to live up to each other and fade away from each other is also a thank you for his name's occupation in your life for many years.

if you have a chance to contact again, you can still say hello politely;

if life is over, say goodbye and turn away.

the night is still long, and so is the rest of my life.

Don't waste your time on someone who isn't worth it, and don't lose yourself for someone who isn't worth it.