When people reach middle age, the best way to live is just one word.

When people reach middle age, the best way to live is just one word.

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Haruki Murakami writes in his book:

"physical fitness, hopes, dreams and ideals, beliefs and meanings, or people you love, are the same, one after another, quietly disappearing from you."

sounds cruel, but in the adult world, life is a process of constant loss.

since loss is common, those who learn to cherish it is our best reward for regret.

when people reach middle age, the best way to live is in one word: pity.


saving one's life is the greatest responsibility of middle-aged people

as the saying goes, "the body is the capital of revolution."

this may be the most correct nonsense in the eyes of young people, but it is the most simple motto for middle-aged people after they have experienced the training of the world.

behind every middle-aged person stands a group of people, parents, lovers, children.

Mo Yan once told a story about himself.

after he won the Nobel Prize for Literature, every time he returned to his hometown, he always had endless banquets and drinks.

after seeing this, my mother was very worried and repeatedly persuaded him to refrain from harming his body.

but every time he goes to the table, he can't resist other people's persuasion and feels that a toast is to give him face.

so, almost every time he is helped home.

until one time, Mo Yan was sent to the hospital for emergency treatment after excessive drinking, which frightened his mother and family for a long time.

he simply quit drinking and no one was advised not to drink. Mo Yan said, "after all, life is more important than anything else."

when you are healthy, you do not know the suffering of illness; when you are alive, you do not know the despair of death. Only illness and death are the best motivational chicken soup.

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Feng Tang said: "the body is given to you for nothing, but it is not for you to waste it."

Don't squander your health at any time.

only by risking your life can you protect your children from the wind and rain, spend your twilight years with your parents, and grow old with your lover.

from today on, it is a good time to go to bed early and get up early, eat on time, exercise regularly and live well.


cherishing fate is the deepest awakening of middle-aged people

as the saying goes: "predestined to meet thousands of miles, not destined to meet each other."

all relationships in the world are doomed by fate, meeting and parting from time to time.

through half of my life, watching the people in my life come and go, how many people can always be there?

acquaintance is meant to be, and being together is a gift. May you know it and cherish it later.

cherish your fate with your parents.

the years make people old, but we are still young and strong, but our parents are gray at the temples. Looking at their bent backs, we can't help but have red eyes.

in the final analysis, parents and children only have the fate of this life, and they will never see each other again in the afterlife, so they must cherish it.

there are thousands of regrets in the world, and the most painful one is: "the son wants to support but does not wait."

therefore, every companion with your parents should be cherished, and every time you have a family, don't miss it.

cherish your fate with your friends.

growth is a bridge that gets narrower and narrower, with many people traveling with you, but few who can accompany you to the end.

when people reach middle age, they move forward with the heavy burden of life, and the most gratifying thing is to have a friend who shares the same mind.

as the saying goes, a couple of bosom friends is better than a thousand nodding acquaintances.

dispel the clouds for you when you are confused, and remind you to guard against arrogance and rashness when you are complacent. if you have this best friend, you should treat it as a priceless treasure.

cherish your fate with your lover.

as the folk proverb goes, "one husband and wife will marry forever."

someone stands with you at dusk, and someone asks you if the porridge is warm. In this world of mortals, it is the simplest and the most difficult.

the long road of life is for lovers to dispel the wind and frost for us, dispel the tiredness of the heart, resist the external wind and rain, and overcome the trivialities of life together with you.

how lucky it is to fall in love with each other and cherish it.

Yu Guangzhong once wrote: "the next time you pass by, there will be no one in the world." In a word, it has become a true portrayal of how many people.

so don't wait until it's too late to repent, and don't know the word "cherish fate" until you miss it.

affection cannot afford to be wasted, friendship can not stand consumption, and love can not stand perfunctory.

people, do not hesitate to break up, must cherish this fate, do not lose the person who is good to you.


cherishing happiness is the best way for middle-aged people to rely on

Lin Qingxuan said: "in the Saha world, cherish blessings and get blessings."

in this life, food, clothing and wealth are the blessings accumulated by good deeds, and there is a certain amount of money.

if you cherish it well, you can live your life; on the contrary, if you spend too much money and enjoy all the blessings, you will not end well.

when people reach middle age, we should always cherish blessings, do not indulge, do not be lewd, respect heaven and love, accumulate merit, and let blessings flow for the benefit of future generations.

from Li Shutong to Master Hongyi, half his life was prosperous and half his life was empty, he always adhered to the word cherishing blessings.

after Li Shutong could speak, his brother taught him to read the words on the pillar in the hall: "cherish food and clothing, not for the sake of wealth."

when Li Shu is familiar with each other, he will not throw away a grain of rice on the table when eating, and will be careful not to get his clothes dirty when dressing.

at that time, Li Shutong did not know the prosperity of the Li family, but he already knew that to cherish blessings is to cherish everything in front of him, not to waste it at will.

after Master Hongyi died, he burned more than 1800 Sherizi and more than 600 Shirley pieces, which shows that the blessing is profound.

Zeng Guofan said: "seek for shortages and cherish blessings. If the flowers are not in full bloom and the moon is not full, you cannot enjoy all the blessings."

if one begins to enjoy wantonly and consume blessings, he is not far from disaster.

there is a certain amount of happiness and longevity in life. It is not easy to accumulate blessings and prolong life.

Ma Yunsheng, chairman of the board of directors of Jingbo holding Group, said: "both enterprises and individuals should understand that everything today is not easy to come by, and our country and enterprises are not yet rich. To this end, small to individuals, do not waste a penny; large to enterprises, do not waste every resource. It is the unremitting pursuit of Jingbo people to maximize the value of the comprehensive utilization of resources. "

you should know that to bear hardships is to suffer, and to enjoy happiness is to eliminate blessings. Only by knowing blessings and cherishing blessings can you have blessings.

Lin Yutang, a master of Sinology, said: "Life is nothing more than this, and do and cherish it."

when people reach middle age, especially when they are middle-aged, only when they cherish their lives, fate and happiness can they really live a good life for the rest of their lives.

Don't wait until you've lost too much to regret knowing it's too late, and learn to cherish it before it's too late.

May all your treasures be gifts from God for the rest of your life, and you will never know if you lose them.