When we talk about life, what are we talking about.

When we talk about life, what are we talking about.

Disorganized "poor busy" pretending to be busy Wen /Jiahui. Nonsense, nonsense, nonsense | effort | fun | surprise | messy, I understand.

my understanding of life is to do what you like, to support yourself and your family.

Life is not climbing mountains or diving deep trenches, it's just sleeping out of your body on a standard bed. The way I understand life is to be with everything I like.

Han Han's Life as I understand it

when we talk about life, we may not be talking about the same thing. Some people think that life should go out and look for it, while others sit and wait and are overwhelmed; some people understand that life is a bag of rice and a bed, while others understand that life is the sunshine of Snow California in London; some people think that love is the whole of life, and some people cannot live without money and fame. In addition to our different world views, we also have different views on life. The world is varied and life is full of amorous feelings.

since there is no fixed standard of life, it is impossible to say what kind of life is the best, but it is certain that everyone will have something to yearn for. It is said that it is yearning, that is, it cannot be easily achieved, so we need to strive for it.

one of the most common situations in college life is "busy". Of course, some people are very idle, but idle people will ask for trouble to fill their inner emptiness for a long time. Man is a creature that needs to exist, either busy living or busy waiting to die. Busy is certain.

what I want to say "busy" is not an unconscious busy, but a serious effort to achieve a certain purpose. It is not to participate in all kinds of activities and competitions aimlessly, even if you are so busy that you are lost and exhausted without any interest, but to be able to perceive the world, recognize yourself, think about and enjoy the process of existence while studying hard and living hard. If a person abandons feeling and thinking, he may not be qualified to have human dignity. It is the emotions, insights and philosophies accumulated in life that can support us to live as human beings. Any feeling and thinking is an important experience for us. Liao Yimei wrote in her book: "I object to people ignoring any of their own state, and not using the word 'abnormal' to ignore and obliterate any of their own characteristics. People can't solve problems by ignoring them, and they can't solve problems by forgetting." We are responsible for our own lives.

A lot of times we complain about hating our lives, but seldom think that it's all our own fault. When it comes to life, it is estimated that there is no one who knows how to live like Forrest Gump, the protagonist in Forrest Gump. Although he is stupid, his life is insipid and full of legends. Forrest Gump's words in front of his wife's grave are impressive: "I don't know if my mother is right or Lieutenant Dan is right. I don't know if each of us has a predestined fate, or there are only countless coincidences in our lives." It's like floating in the wind... But I think maybe both, maybe both are happening at the same time. But I miss you, Jenny... "

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already in college, I think I should try to know what I want, even if I don't know what I want at least what I don't want. Don't drift with the tide, don't give up important things for a moment of pleasure, and don't gamble that you can't afford the consequences. Learn to hold on to the reins of the Mustang of life so that you can ride it where you want to go. At that time, you will find yourself living between everything you like. But in fact, life has never become easy and simple, but become mature and strong little by little.

in the past, I didn't understand why some people chose the difficult one when they had a simple road, but now they realize, not because they are stupid, but because they know more about life than I do.