When you are in a bad mood, look at this donkey (benefit for life)

When you are in a bad mood, look at this donkey (benefit for life)

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

Once upon a time, a donkey fell into a deep abandoned trap.

the owner weighed it and thought that it was not cost-effective to save it, and left it alone.

every day, people throw rubbish into the trap, and the donkey is very angry:

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but one day, his mind changed.

it decided to change its attitude towards life (to be exact, it should be donkey's attitude)-

it trampled garbage under its feet every day instead of being submerged by garbage, and found some leftovers from the garbage to maintain its physical fitness.

finally, one day, garbage became its stepping stone, bringing it back to the ground.

this story tells us:

now that things have happened, complaining will not solve the problem, it will make things worse.

if you have time to complain, you might as well find a way to make use of the things around you and try your best to get out of trouble.


the only way out of the predicament is to face it optimistically, look at all the difficulties rationally, and find a solution.

get out of trouble and be happy at last.

as the saying goes:

Festinger, a famous American social psychologist, once said:

"10% of life is made up of what happens to you, while the other 90% is determined by how you react to what happens.

that is to say, 10% of the things in life are beyond our control, while the other 90% are beyond our control. "

so don't complain about your unhappiness-it's better to change your destiny than to complain about your fate, it's better to complain about your life than to improve your life.

there are too many unsatisfactory things in reality. Even if life gives you rubbish, you can still trample on it.

I read a sentence on the Internet and thought deeply:

although we cannot dominate the will of God or change the established facts, we can change our attitude.

after all, whether the taste of life is sweet or sour is the conclusion given by us after tasting it.


I have seen such a story:

there was a woman stationed in a desert army base with her husband.

her husband was ordered to exercise in the desert, and she was left alone in the tin house, not only in the heat, but also because of the language barrier, no one talked.

she was so sad that she wrote to her parents to complain about the distress.

her father's reply was only three lines, but these three lines changed her life:

"two men looked out of the bars of their cell,

one man saw the dirt,

one person saw the stars."

she read it over and over again, feeling very ashamed and determined to find her star in the desert.

she began to learn the language, take the initiative to make friends with the locals, and study the fascinating cactus and all kinds of desert animals and plants.

she watched the sunrise and sunset in the desert, looking for conch shells, and the conch she found was left behind when the desert was still the seabed tens of thousands of years ago.

two years later, her book was published and became a best seller.

since she changed her attitude, she not only went out of her "cell", but also became good friends with the people around her and the local people.

and he has a career that his family and husband are proud of, realizing the counterattack of fate.


Seneca once said:

conch can be found in the desert, stars can be seen in the cell, people who don't understand the language can become friends with each other, the originally boring life is full of meaning, and life is full of hope everywhere.

as long as you can treat it with optimism, every day of your life will blossom in spring.

the mind changes from the situation, and the state of mind is born from the mind. When our attitude changes, our mood and situation will change accordingly.

Life is always like this, one journey after another, another journey through ups and downs.

when we can't change the facts, we can change our thoughts, change our attitude towards life, and change the outcome.

when we can accept what has happened and change what can be changed, the future can be seen.