When you can't help getting angry with your child, please read this poem patiently.

When you can't help getting angry with your child, please read this poem patiently.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.


take a snail for a walk

God gave me a task

told me to take a snail for a walk.

I can't walk too fast. The snail has tried its best to climb.

Why is it always so little every time?

I urge it, I bluff it, I blame it.

the snail looked at me apologetically,

as if to say, "I've done my best!"

I pull it, I pull it, I even want to kick it.

the snail was hurt, it was sweating,

gasping for breath and climbing forward.

that's strange.

Why did God ask me to take a snail for a walk?

"God!" Why? "

the sky is quiet.

"Oh! Maybe God has gone to catch snails! "

all right! Let go!

God doesn't care anyway, what do I care?

Let the snail climb forward, and I sulk in the back.

Huh? I smell flowers.

there is a garden here.

I feel the breeze.

it turns out that the night breeze is so gentle.


I hear birds, I hear worms.

I see how beautiful the stars are all over the sky!

Huh? Why didn't I have such a delicate experience before?

it suddenly occurred to me that I was wrong.

it was God who asked a snail to take me for a walk.


Education goes too fast

Please wait for the fallen soul. In ancient Greece, there was a philosopher named Cicero who said:

Learning or education for the students themselves, the core thing should be for themselves, not for others, not for parents, but to enrich their own learning, this is the real education.

an excellent child can play the piano, dance and draw pictures, and his grades are good.

when you grow up, you can do everything when you are in junior high school. If you are in the first few places in each exam, you will be admitted to a key high school, and the college entrance examination will become the number one or top several in the college entrance examination, and you will be admitted to the best universities abroad or at home.

A lot of people do this. A few years later, I will be a graduate student and then a doctor.

you see, parents are also honored. I feel that my child is very good. He may be a deputy department cadre before the age of 45, and a positive department cadre before the age of 50.

relatives, friends, classmates and family members say that my children are promising when they meet everyone.

before the age of 55, he went to prison, and his parents were still crying, "how could this happen to my child?"

their children happen to grow up, and there must be many reasons to go in.

now it has become a common phenomenon, isn't it Rui Chenggang?

is this kind of education and result what we want?

at that time, we pursued scores, chess, calligraphy and painting, and so many talents, and finally went to the road of Rui Chenggang, then we have to think, what is the problem with education?

the core problem of education does not lie in our skills, in our students' ability, in reform, or in technology. It turns out that our education lacks something of the soul.

I can say that China's educational technology has moved too fast to keep up with the "soul".


Education is the art of "slow"

the daughter of one of my students brought her to my house to visit me when she was in the fifth grade.

she said: "teacher, you see my child does not like to eat, thin, yellow-haired girl, what to do, teacher?"

I said, "how old is your child?" "10 years old." I said, "you're only 10 years old. What's the rush?" "she can't do well in her studies, she can't eat, she's a head shorter than her peers, so what's the matter?"

I said: "you have a good image, how bad will your child be? don't worry, it's useless to care about this thing too much. Take your time to raise a person. If you're worried, she won't grow. Do you dare to pull out seedlings?"

in 2014, after the college entrance examination was over, all the volunteers were filled out, and the admission notice came, and she came with a graceful, beautiful girl and said, "call Grandpa, this is the yellow-haired girl."

I said, "do you think you were in a hurry? Over the past few years, the child has grown taller and prettier than you, and has been admitted to a good university this time. "

she said: "I was really worried at that time, and now I still feel very proud."

I have learned from this example that education is the art of "slow".

what is education?

Education is like growing flowers, raising and watching while waiting for the flowers to bloom. Children should be raised in this way. Be slow and don't worry.

if God wants him to exist in this world, he must give him the value of his existence. You remember my saying, Hegel said, "existence is value."


what suits

is the best

every student's way and way of becoming a talent does not have a definite direction.

now some schools say that "as long as you can't learn, you will learn to die" and "there are no students who can't teach, only teachers who can't teach." they are all such boring and hypocritical language, thinking that education can be done well in this way.

Don't see the words "warmly congratulate so-and-so on becoming the top student in liberal arts (science) and admitted to Tsinghua University and Peking University" on the gate of our campus today, thinking that such a child will surely succeed in the future.

as I just said, children's future is unlimited.Possibility.

Why is a child valuable? Because he has possibilities, he has unlimited possibilities.

so, my conclusion is:

first, there is no universal way and method, what is suitable is the best education;

second, there is no definite direction for each student's way and way of becoming a talent.

Don't think that your child likes painting and playing the piano now. He must be an artist in the future. Maybe his future work has nothing to do with this. He has unlimited possibilities.

looking at a child whose grades fail, he begins to come to a conclusion that the child will shine shoes or have no future in the future. How can there be such an education?

what do we do in many famous schools now? famous schools choose children to study. Because high-quality educational resources are limited, there are many people who choose famous schools, so famous schools are qualified to conduct screening.

it is right in terms of the law of the development of things, but it is wrong from the point of view of doing education. Choosing people's education is called "pseudo education", not real education.


the new normal of education is to abandon impetuosity and utilitarianism and return to the law of education.

Why do we always say that we should devote ourselves to educating people? Dedication is a kind of realm, how many people can get down to work now?

We often regard students as a means rather than as our goal.

you see, why is it used as a means? Train hard, after the training, I get a high bonus, this is his means to get the bonus, the means to gain reputation, so it is inevitable to be impetuous.

nowadays, many parents use their children as a means. It is a matter of face to learn this way, learn that way, take an examination of top students, and go to a prestigious school.

once our children's growth is used to meet certain desires or needs of our adults, there must be something wrong with our education.

I'll talk about a simple law of education to see how many people don't know.

now the junior high school teacher assigns homework, and the children can't finish it at 11 or 12:00, let alone the third year of senior high school.

what is the growth pattern of children aged 13 or 14 or 15 or 16?

between 11:00 and 3 o'clock at night, especially between 1 o'clock and 3 o'clock at night, the pituitary gland secretes two very important hormones, one called sex hormone and the other called growth hormone.

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it does not secrete with light or pressure. Therefore, if the child does not sleep well and is stressed, he will not look good. This is the rule.

if the teacher understands this rule, there is a requirement when assigning homework that the child must go to bed at 10:30 at the latest.

because the child may not fall into a deep sleep until two hours after falling asleep.

do you think we follow these rules now? No matter, study hard, for scores, for skills, for talent.

so my belief in education is to return to the law of education and do it slowly, quietly and quietly, not impetuous or ostentatious.

there must be the results we want. At that time, our children are good in scores, talents, and abilities, and their souls are full.

this is the new normal of education.


Education must be based on three principles: moderation, possibility and appropriateness.

how to do education? This problem is also the philosophical thinking of education.

Education without score test is not tenable. Education that only talks about scores is definitely flawed. This is philosophy.

then let's take a look at what philosophers think of education, the most classic Aristotelian saying, "Education must be based on three principles, moderation, possibility, and appropriateness."

the Doctrine of the mean is, in the words of Confucius, "go to both ends, take it and use it". In short, it is neither left nor right, neither lower nor higher, and keeping the middle is the top.

personally, I think the Doctrine of the mean is the best philosophy of life and even education, that is to say, we should not go too far and not enough. It is as simple as that.

what is going too far? Now we have gone too far, constantly changing at the technical level, so that the teachers do not know how to take classes, and the leaders do not know how to assign work.

when school education becomes like this, it goes too far and forgets that there are laws of education and what is inherent in education itself.

the second, "possible" means that we need to know that there are all possibilities for the child's future, and that what he has learned now, even his talents, and his scores, does not represent what he can or will do in the future.

but now he has to score, so he has to study hard.

personally, I think none of these can be lost in order to ensure the possibility of the future.

so there is an appropriate one here. "appropriate" actually means that our ways and methods of education must conform to the law and be suitable for children.

Don't see the neighbor's children learn everything in chess, calligraphy and painting, but also send their own children to school.

you are a doctor, saying that the son of the doctor should learn more than others, so it is wrong to think about the problem. It is useless to learn what is not suitable for him. You must learn what the child likes in his heart.

Education is not only to adapt to the outside world, but also to enrich your heart.

our education should go back to what Confucius said, Mencius said, including Montaigne, "Education is not to adapt to the outside world, but to enrich our own heart."

there was an ancient Greek philosopher named Cicero who said that "the purpose of education is to free students from the slavery of reality, not to adapt to reality."

you see, we are now doing education in order to adapt to the outside world, many studentsBecause we want to adapt to society, as a result, we learn the most chaotic things in society, and we forget all the mainstream values of teaching in our school, so we must enrich our hearts.

to put it simply, the core of learning or education for students should be for themselves, not for others, not for their parents, but to enrich themselves. This is the real education.

he gives back to society through what he has learned, which is one of our subsidiary products.

one of the subsidiary products and objective products he has learned for himself is that he must be good for the society. If he is not rich, how can he be good for the society? he is destroying the society.

the ways and methods of our education must conform to the law and be suitable for children.