When you don't have enough pattern, there are the most bad things in the world.

When you don't have enough pattern, there are the most bad things in the world.

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A person sits in a small yard, worrying about a big tree all day: the courtyard is surrounded by a tree, which is a "sleepy" word, which is very unlucky.

someone advised him: why not cut down the tree?

the man shook his head again and said sadly, "if the tree is cut down, there will be only people in the yard." the word "sleepy" becomes the word "prisoner", which is even more unlucky.

No, no, no.

until one day a Taoist passed by, heard his troubles, laughed loudly and said, "it's very narrow in the courtyard, what's not sleepy?" There is so much heaven and earth outside the courtyard, why are there any difficulties?

the world of mortals worries only one or two. If they are all huddled in front of one mu of land, they are mostly impassable hurdles and entangled people.

with a large pattern and a wide world, I naturally feel that life is full of mountains and rivers.


if you are not broad-minded, you will be disturbed by small people

the ancients said: if you can tolerate small people, you can become a gentleman.

if a person's mind is as broad as the sea, then the troubles in the world are like pebbles thrown into the sea, which cannot stir up waves.

on the contrary, there are arguments about right and wrong everywhere, wind and waves rise everywhere, and bad things come like surging waves.

host Chen Ming once mentioned such a thing.

International Children's Day took some pictures with his daughter on June 1st one year.

he picked three of his most satisfied photos and posted them on Weibo.

but not long after it was released, Chen Ming found a bad comment: "this child is really ugly, but no wonder, after all, it is the gene of Hubei village goods."

Chen Ming was so angry that he was about to spray with this netizen when his wife asked him, "have you thought about the consequences before arguing with this man?"

Chen Ming suddenly realized that as long as people like this deliberately create difficulties, as long as they ignore them, their remarks will soon be inundated.

but if you have to argue about right and wrong, your words and my words will mess up the comment area.

if you meet people with ulterior motives again, taking the content of their scolding out of context will even cause a lot of trouble.

at this point, Chen Ming was relieved and saved the time he was supposed to spend arguing with his wife and daughter.

there is a good saying: "if you want to become a big tree, do not compete with the grass; the general has a sword, do not cut the ants."

A mere villain is not worth mentioning.

but if you compete with it, you will pull yourself down to the same level as the villain.

not only can't make sense, but when you encounter a villain, you may allow a small thing to give birth to countless bad things.

people who really have a pattern will make a detour in time when they encounter bad people, and stop losses in time when they encounter bad things.

if you have a big mind, you have less to worry about.


the vision is not far away, there are worries about the past

Tagore once said: "if you cry because you miss the sun, you will also miss the stars."

A person's vision is small, he will only see the gains and losses close at hand.

only if you take a long view, far enough to see the vast sea of stars, will you not be bothered by missing the sunset.

the famous violinist Perlman once gave a high-level concert at Lincoln Center in New York.

but just after playing the first few bars, the violin suddenly broke a string and the sound of the violin stopped abruptly.

all the players held their breath, but Perlman smiled calmly and made a natural gesture to the conductor to start playing again.

he understood that although judging from a short piece of performance, the pause caused by the broken string was indeed very discordant.

but if you look at the whole performance, the pause is almost negligible.

sure enough, when the music played again, the audience just felt that it was a natural interval at the end of the song.

Perlman continued to play on the three-stringed violin as if nothing had happened.

people were immersed in the following movements and soon forgot the pause caused by the broken strings, and the concert was finally a great success.

imagine that if Perlman is bitter about broken strings, then for the extremely cooperative symphony orchestra, it is likely to cause a domino effect, which will lead to the collapse of the whole performance.

Life is the same.

there is a "diffraction effect" in psychology, which means that the follow-up effect of an event often depends on the way people look at it.

if you focus on a mistake, it will magnify in your mind, affect people's judgment, and lead to a series of bad things.

there is a saying in "Bing Jian": "letting bygones be bygones is the first pattern of life."

all the mistakes and regrets of the past, once put into the next 20 or 30 years of life, will become a trivial matter.

if you always feel that you can't do something, you tend to look forward too little and look back too much.

as the saying goes, "what happened in the past is the past."

looking to the future, we can gain more gorgeous scenery.


mood is not big, then there is emotional disorder

Douban has a hot discussion: "people over 30, which abilities should be cultivated."

among them, "the ability to control emotion" is mentioned the most.

A highly praised comment said: "when I give up my emotions, I find that everything in life becomes easier."

Control your emotions and cultivate your heart first.

if a person's mood is too small to hold more emotions, there will be more troubles.

Artest was once one of the best basketball players in the United States.

in a competition, he was excellentHe led his own team to take the lead by a big score.

Artest was replaced with more than 40 seconds left in the game, ready to leave with victory.

but just then, an avid fan saw that the team he supported was going to lose. In a fit of anger, he threw a beverage cup at the back of Artest's head.

in this situation, Artest should have informed the attendants immediately and handed the problem over to the staff.

but he was so upset that he grabbed the nearest fan and punched and kicked him along the direction of the paper cup.

but in fact, the fans he beat are completely innocent.

his accidental injury thoroughly aroused the emotions of other players and fans, and a game that would have ended turned into the worst conflict in the history of the American men's basketball team.

as the fuse of the whole conflict, Artest was suspended for 73 games and his career went downhill.

some people lamented that Artest was destroyed by a water cup, but in fact, he was destroyed by out-of-control emotions.

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as the saying goes, "if you are confused, you will be at ease."

there are no insurmountable hurdles in the world, so you can always find the right way to calm down.

if you don't get angry a little bit, you will only lose your mind in an urgent situation and let the little things like mosquitoes and flies disturb your life.

there is a saying in "Caigentan": "the heart of a gentleman begins to appear when things come, and when things go, the heart is empty."

the square inch is not chaotic, everything is empty, is a kind of mood, but also a kind of pattern.

to be a man and do things, you should first improve your state of mind and pretend to be in a mood before you can keep your life.

you stand at the foot of the mountain, there is a hustle and bustle of right and wrong in front of you, and you also argue and worry about the noise of the world.

when you stand at the top of the mountain, you see the realm of thousands of miles of rivers and mountains, the sky is clear, and you can't touch any human troubles.

walking around the world, whether it goes well or not does not depend on the creation of fate, but on the height of seeing things and the pattern of doing things.

A broad mind, no dispute with villains, a wide heart and a wide road, is a successful future;

far-reaching vision, different past entanglement, no complaints, there is a lifetime of Qinghuan.