When you reach middle age, put away your generosity.

When you reach middle age, put away your generosity.

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generosity is certainly a virtue.

but once you go too far, your kindness may not be rewarded.

if you can live a purer life, why not let yourself be "stingy"?

in these three things, the more generous people are, the less fortunate they are.

Please put away your generosity when you reach middle age.

live only for yourself for the rest of your life.


for past injuries, there is no need to forgive

as the saying goes, do not persuade others to be magnanimous if you do not know the suffering of others.

there is no real empathy in this world.

because the needle is not stuck on them, those people will never feel pain.

being too generous with people and things will only make others think that you are weak and deceivable.

tolerance and tolerance cannot be exchanged for calm. On the contrary, it will make the wicked gain an inch and hurt people again.

the Master said, "how can you return good for evil?"

you only need to respond with kindness when others are kind to you;

and when others hurt you, you don't have to force yourself to forgive.

all forgiveness and tolerance in the world come at the cost of torturing yourself.

in the first half of your life, you always take care of other people's feelings;

for the rest of your life, who will understand your bitterness?

so, for those who have hurt you in the past, you can stay away, but do not forgive.

in the second half of life, just walk with those who cherish you.

leave all kindness and tolerance to those closest to you.

Don't worry about those who deceive you and hurt you.


when others ask for help, they should settle down when they reach a certain age.

Don't be too full, don't worry about things too wide.

help as much as you can;

Don't be strong if you are out of your ability.

this is not a matter of indifference, but a sense of discretion.

it is unwise to try to take care of things that are not sure, not only delaying others, but also dragging down yourself.

as the ancients said, a liter of rice feeds a benefactor and a bucket of rice feeds an enemy.

being kind to others is a noble character, but kindness must also have a yardstick.

No one's money is blown by a strong wind, and no one has an obligation to be kind to others unconditionally.

work hard for half a life, more or less have some capital, but it is not enough to become a reason for "righteousness and sparse wealth".

showing off in front of people, swollen faces and fat people will only involve your family to bear the consequences with you.

instead of worrying about other people's trifles, it is better to take good care of your own firewood, rice, oil and salt.

Don't give your kindness to the wrong person, and don't do thankless things.

cherish these hard-won wealth and let yourself and your family live a good life, is the most secure happiness.


the life of children, let nature take its course

parents who are too generous can not raise mature children.

parents can give nothing back to their children, but they can't give unconditionally.

Zhu Xi once said, "those who spoil are unknown, but those who are greedy are insatiable."

Rousseau also said:

it is human nature for parents to love their children.

but if you indulge too much, you will invalidate a child.

under the protection of parents, children are used to accepting and taking unilaterally, feeling that everything can be easily obtained.

therefore do not know how to cherish, sprouting greed and growing inertia.

how many spoiled children spend a lot of their parents' money.

only care about their own happiness, but do not understand the bitterness of their parents.

not willing to pay a penny for family affection can be regarded as having no conscience at all.

such children grow up, no matter how good they are in other aspects, it is not good for the family or society at all.

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as the saying goes, "children and grandchildren have their own children and grandchildren, do not be horses and cattle for their children and grandchildren."

there is a fixed number of hardships and blessings in one's life.

parents can only protect their children from the wind and rain for a while, so it is better to teach them the ability to withstand the wind and rain as soon as possible.

the road is under foot. After all, it is up to the children to walk on their own. Parents have to learn to let go one day.