Who you are with determines the fate of your life.

Who you are with determines the fate of your life.

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who you spend your whole life with determines who you are.

Xunzi said:

if you want to be a good person, you must keep company with good people; if you want to be good, you have to be close to better people.

who you are with determines the fate of your life.


people with good character

are your greatest dignitaries.

Master said:

before you learn to do things, you should learn to be a man and have a good character as a foundation before you are worthy to be an upright person.

when you get along with people with good character, you will often get kind help.

if you have one more person with good character, you will have less risk of being cheated by others.

over time, with osmosis, you will also become outstanding and superior to others.

people with good character will not envy your excellence, but will only sincerely praise you when you succeed.

what's more, you won't fall to the bottom of a well and step on your failure when you suffer.

people who are ungrateful and hide a knife in their smiles can't help stabbing you in the back, even though they are polite to you on the surface.

such people must stay away as soon as possible.

as the saying goes:

and good human settlements, if you enter the room of Zhi orchid and do not hear its fragrance for a long time, you will become with it.

getting along with people with good character is like walking into a flower house full of vanilla, and you will become fragrant.

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Communication values character. Only with good character can we treat each other with all sincerity and complement each other.


people with positive energy

is the greatest wealth in life

Mencius said:

the magnificent spirit of the ancients is a kind of positive energy.

everyone carries a magnetic field with both positive and negative energy.

No matter what kind of energy, it can infect, influence each other, and change our body and mind.

when you work with positive people and have a positive attitude, things will go to the bright side.

on the contrary, if you often keep company with people with negative energy, you will unwittingly become anxious and pessimistic.

faced with the same half-glass of water, people with positive energy will be grateful that there is still half a cup, while people with negative energy will complain about why there is only half a cup left.

one thought, one joy and one sorrow, make a decision.

Wen Tianxiang has a saying:

A person's positive energy can be as magnificent as mountains and rivers, comparable to the sun, the moon and the stars.

working with people with positive energy will not only get twice the result with half the effort, but also increase your positive energy.

work together to see the magnetic field, there is positive energy, we can ride the long wind and break thousands of miles of waves together.


people who are comfortable with each other

is the best way to maintain good health

there is a poem saying:

if someone blocks you every day and goes against you in everything, every word doesn't agree with you, so don't be reluctant to be compatible with each other.

not all people have the same values, and the dialogue between different circles is like talking between chickens and ducks, and communication is not clear.

some people seem to have a wide range of friends and can chat with anyone on the surface, but in fact they have no friends to talk to.

in fact, everyone knows in his heart that he or she is comfortable and uncomfortable with whom. People who are comfortable with each other always have a special tacit understanding and understand each other's intentions in every move. Boya's piano died out because of Zhong Zi period, and Li Qingzhao's ci was graceful because of Zhao Mingcheng. Life is to be with people who are comfortable with each other, to enjoy the joy of sunrise and moonset, and to appreciate the joy of a vegetable and a meal.

if you live with people who are comfortable with each other, you won't waste your life.


the ancients said:

choose who you are with and determine your fate in life.

the rest of your life is not long. May you choose people who are good, full of positive energy and comfortable to get along with.