Why are so many people still unable to let go of the college entrance examination?

Why are so many people still unable to let go of the college entrance examination?

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it is another year of the college entrance examination, looking at the moments that are about to be maxed out, thinking silently that after a year, we still haven't put down this intoxicating college entrance examination.

Why didn't one year dilute the relationship between us and the college entrance examination? Because the college entrance examination is true love? Of course not, because the college entrance examination carries too much for us.

because that's the youth we can't go back to.

that summer, we gave all the best gifts to the college entrance examination. The name of the gift is struggle, because the soul of struggle has the brightest light.

back to that hot summer, the small classroom was packed with desks, each with piles of heavy review materials. the only spare place on the desk was written with post-it notes on all kinds of learning tasks, motivational words, dream universities, and every time I couldn't hold on, I would immediately come back to life and fight again. It is said that the road to the university is paved with examination papers, so every day in doing exercises, correcting wrong questions, the only episode is that the pen is out of ink, change a refill. It was an ordinary and extraordinary time, it was an unforgettable life for many people, who had not cried bitterly for the ranking that had been working hard for a long time but did not improve in the middle of the night, who had not told himself again and again in his heart that you could, must get through it, many people stayed up late until they were used to convective nosebleeds, and many people woke up in the morning with the test question that had been analyzed countless times in their dreams. We have heard the question of "is learning stupid" many times, and we have wondered many times whether we will fall down the next second. It was the only time in our lives that we were so single-minded, stubborn and full of faith and hope, and even isolated from the world, to pursue our dreams. It was a period of sadness and tears that only those who pass by can understand. However, with good expectations for the university and yearning for a better future, no matter how big the setbacks were, we clenched our teeth and persisted in the difficult times.

as the May Day sang in the song "sad is over, only remember this song, the sky was high, the wind was clear, and I was happy from head to toe". Our youth not only has warm-blooded struggle, but also has good memories. I still remember the first dream we sang together at that time, and every time we sang it, it brought new strength. I still remember that the most lively and cheerful people in the class, where they were, there was a continuous laughter and laughter, which added a touch of strange to that gray time. I still remember that in the last class before the exam, the teacher, who had always been serious, finally put down his usual strict requirements and talked with us as friends about the beauty of the university, offering advice on life, and burst into thunderous applause from time to time. This is their last pride on the three-foot podium. Remember that guy? He or your opponent, your gay friend, or the object of your secret love, he can always bring you a touch of coolness in the hot summer; still remember the excitement and reluctance when we took the graduation photo. I still remember the laughter that always echoed in the teaching building, all of which bear the mark of youth, all of which can be used to explain why we still can't let go of the college entrance examination.

because it's a pain in the heart.

the college entrance examination is so coquettish that it attracts countless heroes. Not all efforts are rewarded, not all hard work has a harvest, after all, there are only a few who can be calm and at ease in the college entrance examination, and there is no one who can guarantee two days without any accident. Perhaps it was because of these various variables that when I entered Dongguan, I found that nine out of ten people around me were out of order in the college entrance examination, and finally came to the primary school of science and technology with deep regret and remorse. so much so that every class this semester, the psychology teacher will mention, "how long will your frustration last?" So another year of college entrance examination season, but also affected the heart of the dark wound that has been silent for a long time, each of us is not a saint, hurt, I believe that everything is the best arrangement, although we can not change the past, but we still have a future.

because there are still our brothers and sisters.

they cling to their dreams, they refuse to compromise with reality, and they have been confused and struggling, but in the end, they resolutely choose to light up the light of hope with another struggle. At this moment, bless them and cheer for them.

some people say that the college entrance examination is the first love, and the first love is used to abandon and recall, but do not forget, how many people's lives have been defeated by memories. Chien Chun said, "if you can drink, the past can be a hangover. When you wake up, the sky is still clear and the wind is still clear." but this does not rule out the possibility that you can't resist indulgence and be too drunk to wake up.

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so, when it comes to the college entrance examination next year, I hope time will win the regret of the college entrance examination.

finally, I wish all those who take the college entrance examination all the best.