Why do people live very tired? Every sentence touches the heart

Why do people live very tired? Every sentence touches the heart

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

I wonder if you feel this way?

as I get older, I feel more and more tired.

I can't finish working overtime every day, but it's hard to get a promotion and a raise.

always be careful when dealing with others.

there is really a lot of pressure for parents to take care of and children to raise.


sometimes, when you are overwhelmed, you still have to keep calm on your face, smile and say to the world, "I'm fine, I'm fine."

think about it, why do we feel so tired?

there are probably four reasons.


the heart is too soft to refuse

once read such a passage, which pierced the heart:

"there are two kinds of people in the world who are destined to be unhappy. One is the sensitive person, the other is the soft-hearted person.

people who are too sensitive hurt themselves again and again. If you are too soft-hearted, others will hurt you again and again. "

people who are soft-hearted can't help being begged, and they will nod their heads as long as they are unwilling to speak.

soft-hearted people, the thorns on their bodies are directed toward themselves, do not know how to refuse, nor dare to hurt others.

if you swallow your own grievances and wipe your tears, you will only get black and blue in the end.

in fact, between people, you are willing to help is your duty, not to help is your duty.

you know, a soft heart is not kind, and a good old man is not a really good man.

Life is short, sometimes the heart is a little harder in order to live easily.

learn to refuse, learn to say no, warm yourself first, and then hug others.


busy, do not know to rest

Zhihu, see such a question: "what is the true portrayal of adults?"

High praise replied:

"the heart is not old, the head is white; the eyes are not dazzled, the tears are gone; there is no lack of food, tasteless taste, less time, endless things.

if you are old above, you cannot always accompany them; if you have lower ones, you will not be able to grow with them. "

just two sentences, contains how much sadness of adults.

in the final analysis, it's still the word "busy."

in order to maintain a decent life, I go back and forth between the family and the company every day, and go back and forth between the house and car tickets.

We are like a spinning top, never stop.

after this time, there is another one, and the next one, there is no end.

occasionally I want to stop and give myself a short rest.

but I dare not.

Children go to school, parents see a doctor, house loan, car loan, oil and salt sauce and vinegar, which is not a heavy stone at the bottom of my heart?

in order to give our family a better life, we have to put on armor and grit our teeth.

when you work hard, don't forget to give yourself a break while you are busy.

Let the body and mind rest and have a good body in order to be the backbone of the family.

Schopenhauer said a sentence that makes sense:

the human body is not iron and steel, money is but a piece of paper, health is a lifetime.

A brief pause is not to indulge, but to recharge yourself and go further.

Life inside and outside, life is in a hurry.

if you take good care of yourself, you will have the energy to overcome difficulties and experience a better life.


Love to be strong, always carry

alone. Sometimes, we feel very tired because we are used to pretending to be strong.

in the adult world, there are many people who depend on themselves, but too few people can rely on themselves.

when there is an accident, there is no one to help, no one to share the troubles, no one to share the difficulties, so we can only carry them silently.

even if there is a tsunami in my heart, my face is so calm that I dare not let anyone feel my fragility.

sometimes, when I am forced to have an emotional breakdown by the trivialities of life, I also want to call my parents to talk to them, but at the moment when the phone is connected, they can only pretend to smile and say that they are all right.

work is so oppressive that I can't catch my breath, leaders censure, colleagues run, and tears of grievance spin in my eyes, but only when I walk into the bathroom silently do I dare to cry bitterly.

I have heard such a saying:

Life is short, and you need to be strong in adversity.

but we don't have an iron wall after all, just ordinary people, there will be times when we can't handle it.

Don't be alone all the time.

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if you are tired, talk to someone; if you are tired, find a place to rest your feet.

feel aggrieved. You can cry if you want to cry. After crying, wash your face and have a good sleep, and wake up to a brand new day.

I hope that the best way of life is for you to be who you really are and not to hide your vulnerability.


heavy feelings, do not care about self

love is not long-lived, wisdom will be hurt.

people who attach too much importance to emotion tend to live the most tiring life.

others want to pay back tenfold for a little bit of kindness to themselves;

in order to make each other happy, they are wronged to do things they don't like at all;

in order to retain a relationship, keep lowering the bottom line, compromise, always bow first.


over time, not only the most true self is lost, but also physically and mentally exhausted.

I have heard a very heartbreaking saying:

in a relationship, the more serious you are, the worse you will lose; the more you care, the deeper you will be hurt.

there is such a passage on the Internet.Have a feeling:

"in our life, we will meet a lot of people." The relationship between you and them is like sand in your hand.

the tighter you hold on, the faster it fades away.

when you open your palm, the sand in the middle of your hand will always be there. "

not all efforts can be rewarded, and not all sincerity can be exchanged for sincerity.

A good relationship is always a mutual affection, not an one-sided effort.

A really long-term relationship, treat others in three ways and treat yourself in seven ways.

for the rest of your life, you don't have to worry about right and wrong, and you don't have to worry about people who are not worth it.

loving yourself well is the highest way for a mature person to live.


once read such a sentence:

I think so.

there is no tiredness that cannot be waved goodbye, only the persistence of never letting go.

know how to refuse and dare to say no; you don't have to force what you don't want to do;

learn to show weakness, laugh when you're happy, sleep when you're tired, and stop trying to overexert yourself;

love yourself, not trapped in love, not confused in your heart.

May you not embarrass yourself, live up to the years, travel light, feel relieved, and live up to every day.

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