Why should the father work harder to raise a daughter? Can't help but show it to my husband.

Why should the father work harder to raise a daughter? Can't help but show it to my husband.

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Last night, when my daughter was tidying up her schoolbag, she couldn't find a pencil-case. When she saw that I was washing dishes, she asked her father to help me.

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Dad said, "isn't Mom helping with homework?" I don't know where it is. Ask your mother! "

with greasy hands, I was vaguely angry when I looked at my husband watching TV on the sofa.

settle down my daughter. As soon as I washed a dish, the daughter said, "the teacher asked me to bring the vaccine book tomorrow and put it in my schoolbag."

I was busy, so I asked my daughter to go to her father to get it.

the daughter cried and said, "Dad told me to find my mother and said you put it. He doesn't know where it is."

I have to ask my daughter to wait for me.

as soon as I finished cleaning the kitchen, my daughter said, "the teacher said to bring an insulation cup. The water in my cup is cold."

my husband opened his mouth and replied, "find your mother, she will take care of this."

I get angry as soon as I hear it. What do you mean "under my control"?

nothing is a good father. Just "ask your mother", "find your mother" and "find your mother". What do you do as a father?

growing up, the daughter was hungry, tired, peed, cried, and made a scene. The first thing the father thought of was not to solve the problem, but to transfer the problem to his mother.

A mosquito has bitten a bag. If the child wants toilet water, look for your mother. The child is bored and wants adults to play with him for a while and find your mother.

the teacher assigns manual homework, draws greeting cards, and asks for your mother.

class groups sign in and ask for your mother to listen to English children's songs every day.

it's getting cold, it's time to put on socks, it's only for your mother!

on the parenting road, women use 18 martial arts to settle down their children, worthy of the status of "mother". Men can win the title of "father" by simply saying "find your mother."

how unfair the world is.


"find your mom" when you have a problem, which is the killer mace of many dads.

A little girl in Yantai did not do well in her studies, much worse than her classmates.

Dad criticized her: "did you not get good food or clothes?" You don't have a pen or you don't have a book? "

the little girl cried, "I don't have a good father."... "

the speechless father had to use the killer's mace: "you just have a good mother. I'll ask your mother to teach you. I'm too lazy to tell you."

this is "Dad", commonly known as the shopkeeper.

when he saw that there was something wrong with the child, he blamed it with a crackle.

he was really waiting for him to solve the problem, but he said, "call your mother".

is the child born to the mother alone? What if mom can't solve it?

think of Qi Mingyue in "in the name of Family", her mother takes care of all her education, but her father only says "your mother is right" when her mother is disciplining her.

in fact, he doesn't think his mother is right, but he just doesn't bother and doesn't bother to interfere.

but her mother is a strong woman who is very strict with her daughter. Qi Mingyue, who often fails to meet her mother's requirements, is both self-abased and rebellious.

with low self-esteem, she was mispaid by gangsters when she was a student. After graduation, she was afraid of the pursuit of boys and felt unworthy.

in order to fight against her mother, she deliberately missed an answer card in the college entrance examination. Her students lost more than 50 points and lost the chance to enter a first-class university.

whenever a father pays a little attention to his daughter, the contradiction between mother and daughter will not be irreconcilable, forcing the daughter to face the problem in an irrational way.

the best education is for fathers and mothers to work together to take up the task of raising their children.


I find that those fathers share more families, and their children are particularly good.

for example, Zhou Zhaoyan, a girl who was popular all over the Internet not long ago with a song "fly to the moon".

her mother works out of town.

since the age of 3, her father has taught her to learn the piano, urged her to practice, and taught her to recite the lyrics every sentence.

my daughter thought practicing the piano was boring, so her father tried to coax her to practice. All kinds of incentives made her feel that practicing didn't seem to be so hard, and she gradually fell in love with playing.

the most touching thing is that the father:

just to have a common language with his daughter, he taught himself legal knowledge at zero and passed the judicial examination of "the most difficult exam in the world" at the age of 49.

my father worked so hard, and my daughter was not so bad that she was admitted to Peking University for a master's degree in law before graduating from her senior year.

French thinker Montaigne said:

the excellence of children does not depend on being born, but on the good education of their parents, especially the active guidance of their fathers.

in the BBC documentary the Biological significance of the Father, it is pointed out that the way a daughter gets along with her father directly determines her happiness for the rest of her life.

Daddy accompanies more daughters. Daughters not only think and behave like dads, but also look like dads.

and they will choose to entrust their lifelong partner, regardless of personality or behavior pattern, but also very much like their father.

even the outline looks like a young father!

those girls who have a good relationship with their father when they are young will marry a man like their father when they grow up.

while the father is absent from the growing daughter, puberty is at least 6 months earlier.

because they don't have a father's guard, they need another male guard.

forTo achieve this goal, their bodies are sexually mature and their characters are precocious, so not only are they older, but teenage girls are 2.5 times more likely to get pregnant.

I think of Qin Pei's daughter Jiang Liwen introducing herself in the variety show "daughters' boyfriends":

"I am proud to be 33 years old.

because I think the older I am, the smarter I am, the more beautiful I am, the stronger I am, the more independent, motivated and capable I am. Even if I am 43 or 53 years old, I will be very proud! "

every confident girl is not born out of nowhere, but has a trail to follow.

Qin Pei said to his daughter:

the father's love and tolerance make the daughter enjoy life more easily, even if she gets married late.

when the middle-aged mother is overwhelmed by housework and children every day, she can still happily enjoy her love life and have the vitality of a young girl at the same age.

her calmness, in the family, in the parents, in the father.

her vitality, in the growth mode, in the way father and daughter get along.


I watched a video in which my daughter came home and asked, "where's my mom and dad?"

after hearing this, the father felt that his daughter was closer to her mother.

when he learned about the conversation between mother and daughter, he was even more saddened-his daughter talked about a boyfriend and wanted to take it home to show them.

the father, whom she regarded as a hero from an early age, is no longer the only one in her life.

the girl who Jiao Didi called "Dad" no longer clings to her father.

what is more gripping is that before he hugs enough, his daughter grows up and falls into the arms of other men.

before he has talked enough to his daughter, her daughter will marry and spend the rest of her life with other men.

but no matter how much Dad is unwilling at this time, what can he do?

I can only do my own hair for my daughter at her wedding, not without regret:

"I hope he loves you more than I do.

but I wish this day would be a little later, a little later. "


cherish this time while your daughter is still attached to you.

father and daughter in this life, she has been attached to you for only a few years, why not accompany her against the clock?

in this life, you are the first man to hug her, kiss her and love her, not your son-in-law.

but I hope that all my life, my daughter will regard you as the most important man in her life.