With a sincere heart to make good friends, the product meets a noble person.

With a sincere heart to make good friends, the product meets a noble person.

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the quality of a person's ability is not judged by how much hype he says, but by whether he can keep calm and adapt to circumstances when things happen.

some people say, "those who are sincere will know countless friends; those who are honest will always help."

people often say, what cause you sow, what fruit you get.

A person treats people sincerely, no matter what his status is, he will surely have sincere friends in exchange for his heart.

A person with good character, no deceit, high reputation and character will naturally have help, and the road will become wider and wider.

people have eyes, heaven has sense, those who are sincere must have good friends, and those who are upright will meet noble people.


make friends with sincerity

Mencius from Lou has a saying: "those who are sincere are the way of heaven; those who think of sincerity are the way of man."

Han Yu's "original way" also said: if you want to cultivate your body, you should first correct your heart; if you want to correct your heart, you must first be sincere.

the most important thing in interacting with others is sincerity.

if you give it with your heart, I will return it with your heart.

during the Northern Song Dynasty, Fan Zhongyan and Wang Qian were good friends.

Wang admires Fan Zhongyan very much and often asks for his poems, and Fan Zhongyan is also willing to communicate with him.

later, Fan Zhongyan was demoted out of Beijing because of the failure of the reform, and the court wantonly liquidated Fan Zhongyan's party, and the officials were afraid to avoid it.

at that time, Wang Wang was seriously ill, but he still dragged the sick body and sent Fan Zhongyan out of the city under the grave crime of criticizing the nine ethnic groups.

Fan Zhongyan treats people sincerely and sends Wang thousands of miles when he is down.

Wang treats each other sincerely, the story of the two is a beautiful story, and no one does not praise Wang's character.

in the Theory of Friends, Ouyang Xiu said that the villain takes benefit as his friend, and the gentleman and righteousness as his friend.

the false friends of villains will compete with each other when there is a conflict of interest, while the true friends of a gentleman have a bottom line, sincerity, unity of heart and common adversity.

there is always a time when the benefits come to an end, and there is always a time when the potential is declining.

Friendship exchanged for foreign things is fragile. Only by treating people with sincerity can we get true feelings that we will never give up.

there is a saying in Zhuangzi: "if you are true, you will be sincere. If you are not sincere, you will not be moved."

when you get along with others, you have to be sincere.

do not play games with others, do not deceive others, do not set traps and complain.

be sincere, be honest with others, and learn to help understand others.

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over time, sincerity will naturally be exchanged for sincerity, people know each other, the heart of the heart.


Pinzheng meets an honorable person

there is a saying in the Book of Rites: "those who are virtuous, get it."

the more virtuous people are, the more they gain.

A person's education is important, but a person's conduct is more precious.

A person of good character is more likely to meet dignitaries.

in ancient times, there was a man named Sun Jian, who was just a small county official who cherished honor and liked to act bravely in righteousness.

one day, he was on his way to Qiantang with his father when pirates robbed a businessman.

his father advised him to mind his own business, but Sun Jian disagreed. He not only used the plan to scare off the thieves, but even killed a pirate.

Sun Jian was famous, and the county government praised him for being brave and resourceful, and he must be a good official to serve the people, so he was called to the post of school lieutenant.

Han Feizi said: "he who is good for officials can cultivate morality, but not for officials."

people with positive character will naturally attract support from dignitaries, and things will go smoothly; people with poor character may not be able to go far even if they use all kinds of means.

Sima Qian also said: "the ancients were rich and famous, and they cannot be remembered; only those who are very handsome are called Yan."

even if one has a lot of wealth, if virtue does not match, he will be lost in the long river of history over time, and only those with good conduct will be remembered and praised.

thus it can be seen that a good character can determine how far a person can go.


character is the most precious wealth

money is overshadowed by character, and interests are dwarfed by kindness.

A person without a kind heart and noble character is just a flash in the pan even if he is rich and rich. No matter how much resplendence can not cover up the inner walls of the family.

only kindness is the permanent treasure, and character is the eternal wealth.

when there is goodness in heart, there is no disaster and no difficulty; the noble character is praised by everyone.

with a kind heart, hatred disappears, a broad heart, and nothing can make waves.

many good deeds, good conduct will be respected by people, good character, good style will be known from generation to generation.

all my life, the way of heaven is fair, all the good luck and blessings are accumulated by myself, and all have been sown with good seeds.

use your heart to exchange hearts, and supplies to move others.

only when you are sincere can you make good friends, and only then will you meet an honorable person.

May we treat others sincerely, have good conduct, and live up to our time for the rest of our lives.