With only 2 days to go before the college entrance examination, this letter from the mother became popular: child, life is very long, do not panic!

With only 2 days to go before the college entrance examination, this letter from the mother became popular: child, life is very long, do not panic!

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

Dear child:

there are still two days to go before the college entrance examination. I obviously feel your nervousness and uneasiness.

Mom wants to talk to you from the bottom of her heart, hoping to ease your anxiety.

I have seen such a question on the Internet before:

there is a simple answer, but it has been liked by tens of thousands of people:

"I hope to go back to my third year of high school and take every class and exam seriously."

so you see, for many people, the regret is not the result, but the process of "I could have worked hard but didn't take it seriously".

at this point, you are really good, you are responsible for yourself and never waste your time. But my mother knows that behind the efforts, you also have deep worries.

you are afraid to let us down and make us sad; your worry about this achievement determines your future.

Mom thought about it and decided to give you four words, hoping to appease your mood and make you understand:

this is the way life is, it is difficult to pass, as long as you keep your feet on the ground, you can look up at the starry sky.


every opportunity is not easy to come by

it's great to try

the documentary "Senior three" with a score of 8.4 tells the story of the junior high school students in Wuping No. 1 Middle School in Fujian Province.

head teacher Wang Jinchun knows that the only way to change the fate of this group of rural children is to read books.

he once told his parents that there is no railway here and the highway has not been repaired. If we want to go out, there is only one way to study.

he also encouraged the students:

this is the life state of most people when they are studying. They fight in the sea of questions every day, and there are few other entertainment, because the ten-year cold window is only waiting for a chance to change their fate.

I always firmly believe that reading is the most mobile ladder for people from different walks of life.

it's just a pity that there are many children your age who always feel that reading is useless and that they will not use what they have learned from books in their future work.

but they don't know that reading can imperceptibly influence your mind, your pattern, your vision, and then become a part of your body.

it's like a joke that you don't use mathematical equations when buying vegetables, but learning mathematical equations affects where you go to buy vegetables.

right now, you have a chance to change the course of your life. I'm glad you're trying to catch it. You're not slacking off. That's great.

when you enter the society, you will find that life is full of opportunities, big and small. I hope you can go all out to prepare and strive for it as you do this time.

even if you will be knocked down by fate, my mother hopes that you will never surrender, pat yourself on the dirt and shout, come on, we can only win two games in three games!

remember, sailing against the current, if you do not advance, you will fall behind. I hope that every time you come, you will be worthy of yourself and never forget your original ideals and aspirations.


each result affects your present

, but it doesn't determine your life

We all know that the college entrance examination is the first time in your life that you don't look at your face, don't work hard on your father, and rely solely on your personal strength, and it's also an important channel in your life.

although it can affect which university you go to, it can't determine your life.

you still have a lifetime to work hard, to change, to create.

see a story on the Internet:

A girl's first few years after graduation are full of twists and turns, which can be said to be unlucky.

she gave up her offer in a state-owned enterprise to study finance-related major, but could not find a special job after completing her study.

the institution you want to go to has no suitable index, so you can only practice while waiting for an opportunity.

finally, the internship is over, and that company is only recruiting fresh graduates.

if you only look at this beginning, you must think that this girl is so unlucky that she is stepping on the pit every step.

but later, after several twists and turns, she went to the investment department of an enterprise in Shenzhen. with the expansion of that enterprise's overseas market, her experience became richer and her contacts became wider and wider.

then, she went to a multinational company, and a few years later, she came out to start her own business, and now her investment company is already well-known in the circle.

you see, after lengthening the time window, we will find that although the choice of each life node has an impact on us, it does not determine our lives.

regardless of success or failure, it just helps us adjust the direction of our efforts and let us know what to do next.

there is no road in vain in life, every step counts.

since we have chosen to start, we should only pay attention to the ups and downs and seize the present, which is not a disappointment to the future.

this life is extremely long, and we will meet different people and things.

but as long as you keep your attitude of effort unchanged, no matter how many forks there are, you will go the same way.


the end of each journey

is the next starting point

A sentence you often hear recently

may be what your teacher says:

you often go home and talk to me, and when you go to college, you no longer have to go to self-study in the morning, do exercise books that are taller than you, or stare at the blackboard in class.

indeed, you have worked hard to prepare for the exam, and you really should relax yourself for a while after the college entrance examination.

however, you have to remember that the college entrance examination is not the end of your life, on the contrary, it is the beginning of your next journey, and you can't relax all the time.

there will be countless beginnings and endings waiting for you in your life.

they may be great or small, but it is their existence that paves your bright future.

Granny Tu Youyou, whom you admire most, won the Nobel Prize at the age of 85, but she devoted herself to the study of traditional Chinese medicine in her 20s.

in the face of danger at the age of 39, she began to study artemisinin. In more than 40 years of research, she has been pushing forward the research of artemisinin, regardless of how many problems she has overcome.

even after she became famous, she did not lie on the merit book, but continued to engage in her own research at a new starting point.

Liu Xiaoyan, a famous teacher for the postgraduate entrance examination, said:

even if you suffer, it will also become a light to illuminate your way forward.

Life is always conservative, and behind the lonely ending, there will be a grand opening; similarly, a brilliant beginning may not necessarily have the last laugh.

you should maintain a stable state of mind and face up to every node of your life.

whether the rest of life is full of thorns, or full of flowers, you should take one step at a time and stride forward steadily.


We care more about you

than achievements

. I admit that it is only natural that all parents have a heart of "looking forward to the success of their children and the success of their daughters."

but all parents must want their children to be healthy and happy more than great achievements.

an actor once wrote a letter to his parents on the program "A letter from Home".

the letter mentioned that she was attacked by the whole net that year, and when she was injured, she once doubted whether she was fit to continue to be an actress.

she has closed herself, but her parents have been using silent companionship to give her the courage to face the storm of Internet violence.

you see, maybe other people will care whether you fly high or not, but your parents only care about whether you are tired or not.

as long as you don't waste your time and move towards your goal, no matter how many twists and turns, we will be your strongest backing.

there are not only two words in life: success and failure, persistence and struggle are also meaningful.

remember, home is your forever harbor and the best gas station in your life.

as Zhang ailing said:

when you are tired of flying, stop and have a rest. We will always stand firmly on your side and be your strongest backing.

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if you are safely loved by your parents, you should have the courage to do anything.

come on, my child, may you have a normal mind to deal with every storm in your life and try your best to seize every opportunity.

the harder you work, the luckier you will be.

finally, end with a sentence in the Book of time:

Young man, your job is to level the land, not to worry about time.

what you do in March or April, you will have your own answer in August and September.

the good life has just begun. Enjoy it.

Love your mother.