You accompany me, I miss your whole life!

You accompany me, I miss your whole life!

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

the vast sea of people, predestined to meet,

thousands of the world, accompanied by a blessing.

whether friends or lovers,

meet, cherish,

accompany, don't give up.

in this world,

No one is inseparable from each other, and

there is no one who cannot do without.

if you don't cherish it, you will turn around.

if you are not sincere, you will be a stranger.

if someone around you loves you and understands you,

is the greatest happiness in your life.

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you can't find it, so you must take care of it.

in life,

not everyone is honest with you.

complex hearts, fickle feelings,

No one knows which day they will be hurt.

if you are good to others from the bottom of your heart, others may not also be kind to you.

if you sincerely help others, they may not appreciate your gratitude.

therefore, there is no need to give any more to those who are not good to you.

to the best of you, do not fail.

those who pass by are often passers-by, while

is drifting away, usually empty feelings.

what is left around is the best, and

is the most true.

whether friends or lovers,

I care more about those who care about me.

I pay twice as much for those who are kind to me.

between people,

to get along with each other depends on sincerity, communication depends on sincerity.

what you do to others is what others do to you.

less haggling, more understanding,

less effort, more gratitude.

help each other, the relationship is stable,

cherish each other, the relationship is closer.

to be a man,

warm your heart with your heart, you can be worthy of your heart, and

exchange emotion with emotion so as not to hurt your feelings.

trust those who treat you sincerely, and be grateful for those who have helped you.

at any time,

do not be heartless,

let alone be ungrateful.

Life is short and passes by in a hurry.

years are ruthless, leaving only the rest of life.

how short this life is.

how short this life is.

The loss of

is your loss.

No amount of money can buy it.

the world is so big that there are people everywhere

, and it is rare to be sincere.

Thank you for all the people in my life, friends and lovers,

Thank you for accompanying me through spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Thank you for giving me warmth and true feelings.

in the predicament of wind and rain,

if you give me a hand, I'll keep it in mind.

the rough road of life,

you accompany me, I miss your whole life!