You have a good husband before you have a good family!

You have a good husband before you have a good family!

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the criterion of a man's success has never been wealth or status, but his attitude towards his wife.

on the way of life, your parents, children, and friends are all just passers-by. Only your wife can stay with you all your life.

want to have a good family and be a good husband.

as the Shurangama Sutra says: all kinds of dharma are born from the heart.

what kind of family you have as you treat your wife.

A man who is kind to his wife can have a happy family and continuous blessings.


being kind to your wife is the best investment

there is a saying in the Tan Jing: all methods are inseparable from self-nature.

created by the mind, you have the same kind of life as you are.

whether the family is happy or not depends on the status of the wife.

Empress Taizong, the wife of Empress Taizong, the eldest grandson, can be said to be a childhood sweetheart, and the two have a deep affection.

the eldest grandson, the queen, has thousands of honors and favorites in one body, leading to death.

after Queen Sun died of illness, Taizong cried bitterly. He asked to be buried with the eldest grandson behind him. They were the first empress to be buried in the same tomb and hole together.

the eldest grandson was born with a distinguished background, filial piety and intelligence, and won the trust of Taizong.

once, Emperor Taizong fell back angrily and scolded, "I must kill this hillbilly!"

when the eldest grandson learned that Wei Zheng had remonstrated and angered Taizong, she did not say much, but changed her royal clothes to congratulate her.

Taizong did not understand where this joy came from, and the queen replied, "because of your saints, there can be such a wise minister who speaks bluntly!"

after hearing this, Taizong was no longer angry, but immediately rewarded Wei Zheng. Only then could Wei Zheng have the courage to remonstrance, and only then did he have the Zhenguan prosperous age!

in a marriage, there is a good husband before a good wife.

acknowledge and respect the status of the wife, listen carefully to the wife's thoughts, the family must be warm.

A good wife can only be made if the husband understands with his heart. The husband also takes the initiative to run the business, which is a good marriage.

being good to your wife is the best investment in a man's life! This investment has accumulated its own good fortune and will give back to a happy family after many years.


be kind to your wife, even if you are poor, you can get rich.

you are what you treat your wife as.

the way you live is the way you treat your wife.

Wang Zhang of the Han Dynasty, who had a low status, had a serious illness but was unable to be cured because of his family's failure to cure it.

once, he couldn't bear his wife to suffer with him, so he wept and said goodbye to his wife.

after hearing this, my wife not only did not leave, but angrily rebuked: "who can have your knowledge in this day?" What's the use of crying? you might as well fight again. "

Wang Zhang is grateful to his wife for not giving up. From then on, he cheered up and started all over again, and sure enough, he achieved a great cause.

Camel Xiangzi says: to take a wife, you have to be serious; if you are kind to your wife, you are like it.

the husband's attitude towards his wife is the real temperature of life and his most authentic character!

A man who is kind to his wife has a good character. Good character is the guide to getting rich.


being kind to your wife is the best education for your children

the Shurangama Sutra says: if you can change things, the same Tathagata.

the so-called sages are not disturbed by the outside world and are true everywhere. However, ordinary people are persistent because of delusions, and their hearts always change with the situation.

therefore, the educational environment is particularly important.

the best education for children is not to be rich or famous teachers, but that fathers love their mothers.

A child is a blank sheet of paper. Unconscious behavior is like a stain. If you get it at random, it will be difficult to erase it.

the education of love is the most correct demonstration.

"Yan's Family motto" says: if the father is not kind, the son is unfilial.

how much education is not as good as setting an example and loving your wife well, so that the future of your children can give love and meet love with love.


A good husband leads to a good family

Marriage is the beginning of a family.

as a husband, he is not only the support of his wife, but also the father of his children.

there is a saying in the Huayan Sutra: what the mind appears, only the knowledge changes, and all the dharma comes from the mind.

if you have love in your heart, you will be full of love. A family full of love will have a child who knows how to love.

your temper determines the temperature of the family.

A harmonious family and excellent children all need a family full of love, and this love lies in the husband who knows how to be good to his wife.

A good husband comes before a good wife.

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what you do to your wife, you will get the reward of life. The best betrothal gift for a man is not wealth, but a lifetime of understanding and love!

as the old saying goes, if a husband and wife are of one mind, their benefits can cut off gold!

Don't be afraid of temporary hardship, believe that God will reward those who are really good to their wives!