You shouldn't sleep at home during your summer vacation.

You shouldn't sleep at home during your summer vacation.

An article I wrote during my work.

I came to Guangzhou English Summer Camp yesterday and started my summer job trip. So maybe there will be less and less time to write, in fact, no less, because I need to write a press release that few people read every day. Today is my second day at work, and I actually feel pretty good. If you have the opportunity, I will write a summer job note to show you, but I will be like a job note like a press release.

fortunately, I have little time to sit in front of the computer today. I hastily wrote an article. I beg your pardon.

Today, I thought carefully about how many holidays I have spent at work. I found that except for the summer vacation in the second year of high school, I was driven out of all kinds of jobs by my mother. Although I would complain about this and that every time I work, I was very happy when I got my salary, and looking back, they did give me a lot of life experience that I had to take time to get.

I still remember that during the summer vacation when I graduated from the third year of junior high school, I went to work as a temporary worker in a factory in our village. It was unacceptable for me to earn only 4 yuan an hour, but I still worked for 20 days at that time. At that time, I needed to get up at 8 o'clock every morning to brush my teeth and wash my face, then rushed to rice noodle roll's store behind home to order a meat sausage, and then rode a bike without brakes to the factory. When I get there, I will listen to "stretch" talk about today's production goal, and then she will assign me to take charge of a certain job. In fact, it is not a job, because they just think of you as a part of the production line, repeating a simple action thousands of times. What I had to do was

put a particular hammer in a toolbox. Basically, the right hand reaches into the box to get the hammer, then the left hand takes the toolbox installed by the last worker, presses the hammer into the box and pushes it to the worker on my right.

is such a group that you can fully describe the steps in more than 100 words. You have to do it for four hours in a row before you can rest, and then continue to do it for three and a half hours in the afternoon. 8 hours, the same position, the same action, facing the same workbench, standing around the same team members. And in order to improve efficiency, the factory will not provide stools for assembly line staff, but also let "stretch" statistics of daily shipments, if less to deduct money and criticism.

when you stand for eight hours, you will know what is meant by "sitting and talking without low back pain", because the heel already hurts vaguely, and the waist cannot be relaxed because of overexertion. But the most excruciating thing about the factory is not the physical cost, but the lack of spirit. Remember at that time, the first thing I thought about when I got up every morning was

"what am I going to think about today?"

Yes, you need the "support" of daydreaming to continue this job. Because you are not allowed to chat at work, you should keep talking to yourself and asking yourself questions such as

"will I meet someone I like next semester?"

"what would have happened if I hadn't left early at the reunion?"

although I know clearly that no matter how much I think, it won't change the reality at all, but if I don't want to, I'm afraid I won't be able to survive the tormented "eight hours". The worst thing about working on an assembly line is not that you can't sit down and make your heels numb, but that you know that if you don't use your brain, your brain will rust, so at that time I even took out a math problem in the third year of junior high school to calculate it again. I also began to memorize the English words I learned in junior high school. I think that's why I got into the top three of my class when I entered high school. However, the feeling of "no brain" at that time still scares me now. I think I am not the only one who has this feeling. This should be the reason for the high turnover rate of factory workers:

"it can slowly eat your head, bit by bit."

I remember that after quitting my job, I received my first salary, that is, 700 yuan. Holding seven hundred yuan bills, I held my breath and made myself a promise I thought I would never break:

"I will never work in a factory again."

at the same time, I also began to think about what to do to get rid of the fate of "working without thinking", so I still went to work in the above factory that summer vacation of my freshman year of high school. Because my mother said to me earnestly and earnestly when I handed over the grade notice for the first 30 years with a smile, "you are not 18 years old. Where can you go except the factory?" Do you still want to travel? I'm not gonna sponsor you. "

it was the summer of 2011. The salary in the factory had risen from 4 yuan to 5 yuan, and I also learned to have a good relationship with "stretching". Every time the bell rang at work, I would easily move to the factory to think about the problems that I usually didn't have time to think about. After another 20 days, I left the factory with 1000 yuan. This time I wrote the promise of the previous year on my face and told how painful my factory experience was when I saw people with a sad and angry look.

but then again, I'm glad I had such an experience. Although if I had a choice, I would never let my ignorant youth in the third year of junior high school go to the factory to practice, but also because these two "factory jobs" made me realize that I didn't like the kind of job that didn't require imagination.

so if you can't help it, it's also a good choice to go to the factory to experience life. Now this holiday is supposed to be the second-to-last summer vacation in my life, but now I begin to realize that summer vacation is indeed one of the few months in my life that I can make good use of. You can give up all social networks as I did in my freshman year of high school, except for factory work, which is about sports and reading, because that summer vacation was by far the most fulfilling for me.During my summer vacation, I watched long Yingtai's "watching" and "Collection of Wild Fire", Haruki Murakami's "Strange Bird behavior record", and the complete works of "those things in the Ming Dynasty".

if you don't like all of these, you can also write articles, exercise your copywriting skills, look for PS tutorials on the Internet and make posters. If you don't mind not being paid, you can also go to some companies for internships, do chores and deal with small things, observe other people's work status, and see if that's what you want.

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as I have learned, Hiroye Studio is also recruiting copywriting interns, and an entrepreneurial team in the school is also looking for art editors. You can give it a try if you have the ability.

but it is important that if you want to do creative work, you must have work. I came across some funny resumes when I was disorganized and recruited before. They had no work at all, but just said "I like writing very much" as my reference standard. You like writing very much, so where is your work? You like poster making, so where is your poster?

it's no use just being enthusiastic about work, because if you really like something, how can you be willing to sit still for a long time and waste your precious summer vacation talking nonsense to others?

you really shouldn't fall asleep at home during your summer vacation.