Your kindness never suffers.

Your kindness never suffers.

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at the beginning of man, nature is good.

in this world, there is no shortage of good people with good intentions, but people who have experienced setbacks and blows and who can still stay kind after going through the mud.

everyone says that kindness asks for nothing in return, so it is true, but when the matter really falls to oneself, it is difficult to insist on kindness without return.

therefore, more and more people, in the face of the option of kindness, choose to take a detour and stand idly by.

did they do something wrong? No, it's only natural to protect yourself. There's nothing wrong with that.

but before we choose, we should also understand that people are doing and heaven is watching. When you are kind and hard enough, God will give you what you deserve in return.


A gift of roses gives you an aftertaste of fragrance.

the word "human" itself needs to support each other.

We often say, "but do good deeds, don't ask about the future."

this sentence alone has deterred many people from being "kind". Who doesn't want all their efforts to be rewarded?

things are two-sided. Maybe you don't get much in return for your help, but your heart must be full of happiness and contentment.

for the pleasure of helping others, it is more worthwhile to be happy than any material reward.

in 2015, Wang Kuan, a national first-class actor, was selected as the "Top Ten people moved in China".

in order to support the six orphans he adopted, he persisted in singing in the teahouse for 10 years and went through untold hardships to train them into talents. This is the real goodness.

the award message given to him by CCTV is: "return to the stage, there is no room for human joys and sorrows, and then be a mother, learning from the previous generation of sages."

to save the orphan, I went to sing in my old age, and I worked hard for sixteen years to save the orphan.

Sixteen years, which year is not 360 days.

on the stage, you are desolate and open, and off the stage, you have set an example to the world. "

in response to the reporter's interview, the old artist said calmly, "there is really nothing to say about what I do. Everyone has a kind heart. I always feel uneasy when I look at these poor children and I don't help them."

when you are alive, you will inevitably encounter some people who need your own help, and at this time, your choice is very important.

the change in the world is not that a few people have done a lot, but that everyone has done a little bit.

as the song says, "as long as everyone gives a little love, the world will become a beautiful world."

No matter what others do to you, no matter what you have experienced, never change your kindness, because a kind-hearted person will be treated gently by the world.


doing good is a closed circle that always benefits you.

there is cause and effect in the world, and good cause produces good results.

as the old saying goes, "those who come out of love love to return, and those who are blessed return."

kindness is never an one-way street. Maybe after giving kindness, there will be no immediate return, but at some point, the goodwill you have sent will be doubled back to you.

this is a cycle, the good will always meet the good, and the kind-hearted people will eventually feel the goodwill.

the Sahara Desert is also known as the Sea of death.

until 1814, an archaeological team broke the death spell for the first time.

all the way into the desert, the bones of the dead can be seen everywhere. The captain always told everyone to stop, bury the bones and build a simple tombstone with branches or stones.

the team members complained one after another: "We are here for archaeology, not to collect the bodies of the dead."

the captain said stubbornly, "every pile of bones used to be our colleagues, how can we have the heart to let them expose corpses in the wilderness?"

A week later, when they left, there was a sudden storm, then the compass failed, the archaeological team completely lost its way, and food and fresh water began to be scarce.

in crisis, the captain suddenly said, "Don't despair, we left a sign on the road when we came!"

along the way, they buried the tombstones raised by the skeletons, and finally walked out of the sea of death.

in an interview with the reporter, the members of the archaeological team all sighed with emotion: "kindness is the signpost we have left for ourselves!"

people live in the world, accumulating virtue and doing good depends entirely on their own sincerity.

in fact, the world is a huge echo wall, how you treat the world, how the world gives back to you.

you never know how much your small act of kindness will make a difference to others and how much surprise it will bring to your future self.

kindness is like a big circle. You help me today, I help him tomorrow, and he will help you the day after tomorrow, and all the good deeds that you have helped will accumulate in your heart bit by bit and eventually become the way under your feet.

A really kind person finally lives into a beam of light, which warms others and illuminates himself.


if you have a good heart, you will be rewarded.

all the good luck in the world is a little bit of goodness accumulated.

there is a law in physics called the law of conservation of energy.

means that energy is neither generated nor disappeared out of thin air, but can only be transferred from one object to another, and the forms of energy can be converted to each other.

the same is true of people's blessings. People with good hearts are soft and beautiful at heart, so they never do evil. Instead, they try their best to do good deeds as much as they can.

and every bit of kindness you inadvertently think, every good deed, secretly help you accumulate blessings.

this story takes place in an era when there are only landlines but no mobile phones.

A female worker accidentally locked herself in the company freezer when she went to work. She shouted for help and slapped frantically, but it was time to get off work and no one could hear her shouting.

five hours later, in the cold room, when she was dying, the factory security guard opened the door and she was miraculously rescued.

the female worker was surprised why the security guard came to open the door, because it was not his daily job.

the security guard explained: "you are the only person in my 35 years of work who insists on saying hello to me every morning and saying goodbye to me in the evening. You said good morning to me this morning, but I didn't wait for your goodbye. I was worried about what had happened to you, so I went to every corner of the factory to look for you."

A truly kind person must be a lover with sincere kindness to others.

if you want to be loved, you must first give love; if you expect help from others, you must first help others;

if you want others to be kind to you, first show them your kindness.

A small gesture of kindness will turn into luck and help you in the face of a desperate situation.

as the saying goes, good will be rewarded with good, and evil with evil, and all acts of goodwill will eventually be rewarded with goodwill.

therefore, the greatest blessing in life is not to have a good life, but to stick to goodness all life with a good heart.

good deeds become virtuous, and the holy heart is prepared.

this world is not beautiful, but it is precisely because there are still some people who see through the nature of life and still choose good people to exist, which makes us believe that the world is still warm.


as Russell said, "of all moral qualities, the nature of kindness is the most needed in the world."

small goodness is also good. Keep a trace of goodness in your eyes, and stretch out your hands one step away.

perhaps it is just an inadvertent act of kindness, but it virtually changes a person's fate.

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so, do not give up kindness easily. If you are in full bloom and the breeze is slow, fate will not be bad to the kind-hearted people. Just be responsible for the wonderful, and God has a better plan for you!

in this life, may you be a good person in the world of mortals, asking only your heart, regardless of your gains and losses, fragrant all the way.