Yuan Xiangqin

Yuan Xiangqin

"Women chasing men" and "men chasing women".

I hope to share our view of the world with college students

Last night, a fan said to me:

"if you can, can you make a more episode about your views on women chasing men?"

in fact, my answer should be "no", but in the spirit of service. I specially asked several girls tonight, their views on "women chasing men", I do not know whether it is a coincidence or fate, their stories all end in failure. It also reminds me of two TV dramas that I still remember. One is "the Kiss of mischief" in 2005, and the other is "I may not Love you" in 11. Although both dramas end perfectly with happy endings, I think that except for the ending and some slightly exaggerated plot transition, the story of the characters is very similar to the real love story.

and the two TV dramas themselves have a very deep origin. In addition to the heroine of the two films is Lin Yichen, the director of the two TV series is also the same person. His name is qu Youning, that is, the birthday star in the push cover picture.

I don't know if the director did it on purpose. "Kiss of mischief" tells the story of Yuan Xiangqin chasing Naoki Jiang, while "I may not Love you" tells the story that Li Daren likes Cheng Youqing. The same actress is two almost opposite roles:

an 18-year-old girl who knows nothing about love, only knows that she likes someone and has to say it. Naoki seems to be the whole world at that time. She could do anything for him, but she never went through her head, but because she seemed sincere, she finally melted the iceberg. One is a career woman who has just celebrated her 30th birthday. She has a good friend who can't be a couple. She has a very high EQ. She knows exactly what she needs, both in love and in the workplace. If "innocence" and "simplicity" are used to describe Xiangqin, then "intellectuality" should be the most appropriate description of Youqing.

and the roles of Yuan Xiangqin and Cheng Youqing just represent the two states of women. One is still on campus, without considering any realistic factors, but only whether the other person cares about him or not; the other is that after rolling in society, he or she will have his own small blackboard like the Maggie of "I may not love you", and the small blackboard has all the conditions of his ideal partner, and then judge whether the person in front of him is the "right person" one by one.

"it's as if light is where you are."

if "those years" embodies the special feelings of countless men pursuing girls when they are young, then the "prank" represents the small mind of most women pursuing boys when they are young. I remember at the end of "those years", Ke Jingteng said to Shen Jiayi, "I also like me who likes you, because I was glowing at that time." At that time, this line was like a bullet in the hearts of everyone who watched the film, and it was unforgettable for a long time. It turns out that sometimes we not only like a girl who is very attractive to us, but also like ourselves who constantly struggle and make changes for them.

and this line precisely illustrates the difference between "a woman chasing a man" and "a man chasing a woman". Very often, when a boy pursues a girl, he will want to express himself in front of her constantly, and then slowly improve and become the "right person" in her mind. But when a girl pursues a boy, they tend to lower their status and regard each other as a dazzling beam of light. They don't even have the courage to look directly at each other. As the above rejected love letter said: "I don't think you know me, but I know you very well!"

Xiangqin is a very ordinary person like us. Her grades are average, her appearance is average, her family is also average, and she has nothing to be proud of. But the person she likes is a shining person. Naoki is not only very smart to study sports, but also a company run by her father is waiting for him to take over when he graduates. So at the beginning, the status of Xiangqin and Naoki was not equal.

in fact, I think it's best not to say it when a girl likes a boy. Because the biggest difference between "prank" and reality is that Naoki's mother liked Xiangqin very much from the very beginning, and constantly pierced the needle and thread. And even with such a powerful matchmaker, Xiangqin inevitably goes to a lot of trouble to attract Naoki's attention, and after being repeatedly rejected, Xiangqin is still unyielding

to the second half of the plot. As the audience, we have long seen that Naoki has fallen in love with Xiangqin, but the protagonist Xiangqin is not willing to believe that his former dream has come true. In our opinion, it makes sense for the parties concerned to guess. When Xiangqin knew that Naoki had missed the entrance examination to National Taiwan University because of her illness, her first reaction was that Naoki had implicated Naoki, not because Naoki cared about her. She kept blaming herself until Naoki said, "there's no reason to go. You don't want me to go." She would stop, but she didn't think it was evidence that Naoki liked her.

the same is true of us in life. Once you regard someone as the male god in your heart, you lose the opportunity to become a soul mate with him. Because he is your God, why should he care about how you feel as a mortal? Everything you do for him is right, and all his responses will help him find the most suitable reason, even if you refuse your admiration, you will think that it is because he is more mature and thinks in the long run.

but if I ask you why you like him. You can reply to me directly: "No reason, I like him because I like him." So when he says the word "doesn't like you", can you understand it as "he doesn't like you just because he doesn't like you"?

Xiangqin in "prank" is a success, the real "Xiang"On the contrary, Qin will be like what he said in my YE reply yesterday: after his score

, he cares more about his ranking than about himself, and sneaks a glimpse of him running as he passes by the stadium. All too old to lose teeth, once those for their most disdainful unrequited love of the small thoughts, all, unreserved, for this person to do all once.

"I wish he would have wine, meat, girls, poverty, laughter and fighting in the future, and be indulgent in this life."

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in the past three years, because of the innumerable cold war over trifles, I always stood up first to show my goodwill, and another one got back together after several hypocritical attempts. On the other hand, the best friend who received my complaint call has become accustomed to putting her cell phone aside and allowing me to talk to myself as soon as she hears me complaining. Only when we had a cold war several times to make me cry, she kindly wiped away my tears, patted my head and said to me: I really don't understand, what is good about that person, it is worth your effort to give him all your good? I have a crying face and I want to complain for him. Don't say he's bad. My best friend choked in silence.

after that, she never asked this man again. And I'll never tell her about this guy again.

most unrequited lovers do carry out the phrase "you are the light" in a relationship, but they are also burst into tears late at night by this dazzling light. Who has not sat around like Xiangqin and secretly looked at the person they like, and who can deny that a failed pursuit is also full of fun.

in the end, I suddenly remembered that "excited Heart" is also about a woman chasing a man, and there is a paragraph that my grandfather said to the heroine, which I still remember deeply, so I took it as the end of this article:

\ "Some of us get dipped in flat, some in satin, some in gloss..... But every once in a while you find someone who\'s iridescent, and when you do, nothing will ever compare.\ "

(some people are shallow, some people are superfluous. One day you will meet a person as gorgeous as a rainbow, and when you meet this person, you will feel that other people are just clouds.

the original title is: "Yuan Xiangqin and Cheng Youqing"

but due to the addition of the part of "Cheng Youqing", the whole article will be too long.

so if you like it, I'll post it again sometime.

I won't push it here today. Good night.

(why don't you talk about your failure in pursuing others in the comments? )